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  • I’ve exported a site and discovered that an import does not retain the category / subcategory structure. It seems to place all of them in one flat line with each subcategory on the same level as a category.

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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    I’ve never had that happen to me before? Was this from an old WordPress version? Perhaps you need to upgrade the site first and then run the export again.

    I just checked other threads here – look for the word “hierarchy.” Apparently I’m not the only one who has encountered this problem. My site is running 3.3.1. I created a post that has every category and subcategory assigned and did an export. When I imported it into a new site, everything imported on one level.

    I’ve discovered some of the problem here. Sometimes there may be slug conflicts based upon items in the trash, etc. These items are recreated as new entries with new slugs and lose their hierarchy.

    I have the same problem which has really interfered with the parent/child
    relationship among my pages. The version before 3.3.1 had a place to categorize my pages. That was valuable to me and it has been deleted apparently. Why was that considered a good idea?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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