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  • I hope this make sense…

    When I export my collection to take a physical inventory, I get some crazy stuff in the the columns. It looks like something brought over from the Amazon description is screwing the whole thing up.

    For instance I have this entry in my collection

    000000000000000F Antwone Fisher (Full Screen Edition) Luke, Derek and Washington, Denzel and Gooding, Rainoldo and Hod Drama

    Everything after the description in that row is blank in the exported CSV. HOWEVER it looks like the information that was meant for subsequent columns in the row are now on separate rows. It looks like it is because of the description, as a result of what I think are the special characters in the last line in the description

    The description reads: AspectRatio














    RunningTime Units=\minutes\””

    Going to myPHPAdmin and exporting from there as xls works fine. However these descriptions were a direct result of the Amazon look up.

    Here is a picture to illustrate my point:

    Since I had the problem on 95% of my entries. I fixed this problem by running an SQL update

    UPDATEwp_weblib_collectionSETdescription= ''

    However it might be something that needs to be changed in the Amazon Lookup.

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  • Plugin Author Robert Heller


    Blindly inserting an Amazon entry (using the ‘Insert Entry’) and then NOT editing the resulting Description is probably a bad idea. There can be a lot of cruft dropped into the Description field, which can result in all sorts of problems.

    Is there a way to not not pull anything for the description on Amazon? It always pulls junk.

    Plugin Author Robert Heller


    Yes, instead of using the ‘Insert Item’ button, which inserts *everything* unconditionally, use the ‘Lookup Item’ button, which *displays* all of the information Amazon provides for the selected item. Then in the resulting item display, use the little curved arrow buttons next to various bits of information to insert that information bit into the item add/edit form.

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