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  • I almost purchased the “Expo Networking” Addon for this plugin (99 Euro no less), but then I read that they actually expect you to purchase another plugin for 99 Euro first – without it, Expo doesn’t work. What is the point of offering it separately? Yes, 200 Euro is too much! But at least the devs could be honest about it and not try to generate sales by nesting addon dependency. Great plugin, pretty shady practises.

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  • Plugin Support Priya Goenka


    Hi @gorfreed,

    I am glad you reached the step where you wanted to buy the Addon, Expo Networking, and did not buy it because you felt it was expensive, I am extremely sorry for you felt that way.

    Since this is of its kind platform, where you can manage the whole event on one platform, It has involved a lot of TIME, EFFORT, ENERGY, RESEARCH, AND DEVELOPMENT, RESOURCES. it’s taken a lot of dedication for us to build expertise and knowledge in this field.

    Regarding dependency of other addons, We cannot include everything in one addon, because certain addons have a dependency with other addons as well, and hence these are required for functioning.

    The Price of each and every addon is openly displayed and there is no information that has been hidden, and hence, buying a plugin completely depends upon the user.
    I am sorry you felt we are expensive, but we provide the quality product with good after service.


    Thread Starter gorfreed


    The price is high, yes, but what is problematic is that you have people buy an add-on that is simply not working without another addon without giving any clear indication about this dependency!

    In the last couple of months, I have kept an open eye for Expo showing up anywhere at the conferences I am attending or if it used by a colleague. I am working in a business that had to go digital with a massive amount of events, so you can basically see all the available solutions out in the wild at some point.

    Not WP Event Managers’s Expo. Not once! There is no review, no trial, no nothing. You do however – you are very clear about it on your page – offer NO REFUND whatsoever. You purchase, you’re done. So I stand by my warning, this is a Pricing Trap.

    Why don’t you collaborate with any of the independent review outlets out there and sources people trust? You could easily smash the criticism in regards to the validity of the software with it.

    Thread Starter gorfreed


    Don’t get me wrong: I think the Expo addon is fascinating on paper, truly sets itself apart from the competition that is still playing catch-up when it comes to adapting to COVID-realities. The price might even be justified, as you argue correctly that a SAAS could cost the purchase price a month. HOWEVER, neither your SAAS competition, nor any other developer of premium priced software expects their customers to take that kind of leap of faith – especially when proving at least some degree of shadiness by making Expo dependent on the purchase of another addon!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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