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  • Hi, hopefully one of you can help me out.

    I have a blog located at . I tried to view it today and was greeted by this message from my AVG Detection. “Exploit Blackhat SEO (type 1720)”.

    I have searched on google for what this means, but I can’t seem to locate anything about this. Can anyone help with this? I can only access my admin pages now, unless I disable my AVG.


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  • not sure about the plugin “Fastemailsender” reputation but most of the time may be the plugin files were infected as well as there must be some other files that were infected as well you must check all your files with from top to bottom. the plugin could be just innocent victim…even if its not it may infect other files as well.

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    I would recommend using this plugin as well.

    It will scan your wordpress files, theme files, plugin files…pretty much everything to detect malicious code.

    Since installing it, it has alerted me twice that someone was trying to login as “admin” and failed 7 times so it blocked the IP. 🙂

    Regarding the Fastemailsender, the injected code actually points to their website and is deliberately injected.

    I was in contact with AVG who assisted the Sucuri who I hired to clean my site. Everyone was a bit surprised to find that a plugin did this.

    I’m not saying Fastmailsender is malware, but it’s now listed as such with AVG. So beware of that before putting it on your sites, folks.

    There are a few ways that people will exploit WordPress powered sites.

    1. No SSL Certificate
    2. Weak Password
    3. Plugins
    4. Host has poor security measures in place

    I suggest that you use certain hosts. I currently use GoDaddy. If you get the higher end hosting package they are offering free SSL for a year. Have had 0 issues with them. When issues have arisen they have worked hand and hand with me to resolve them quickly. I suggest using a password generator to create a hard to crack password.

    Here are some links and I hope they help.

    GoDaddy (Currently 50% off / Free SSL with Ultimate Package)

    My site,, experienced a similar problem with this error message. One user, who was using AVG, suddenly starting getting that error message. We discovered that header.php in our theme (Twenty Ten) had some extraneous code inserted into it. It was HTML labeled as “HiddenDiv” and was attempting to display messages regarding Viagra and Cialis. Have no idea how it got there. We had never updated the theme since its original installation and the administration is limited to just two of us. I updated to the latest Twenty Ten and that got rid of the junk code. Also changed the admin password just in case.

    Thanks for all the good advice here. I had the exact same problem on my site I upgraded to WordPress 3.6, reinstalled the twenty ten theme and installed WordFence. That seems to have done the trick. My AVG prevented me from even opening the site and logging in on my PC so I had to do it on my iPad. Benefits of diverse technology! I never checked the actual header code, but I don’t think my entire site was hacked – there are no other apparent changes.

    Ok, my site is getting the this from only select users. I perused the code for anything unusual that could have been imbedded and did not find anything obvious. How can I run it through ATg to see if it is “clean”?

Viewing 8 replies - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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