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  • I like it

    thank you

    Very nice. A clear and pleasing colour scheme backed by an interesting two-tier layout. Good job:)

    Yeah, I really like this. Even better than the old design 🙂

    thanks for all the feedback

    Just a pet peeve of mine, but something to consider: not everyone uses white as their default window background color. I, for instance, have my window bg color set to a light grey (easier on these old eyes.). Since you don’t have a bg color set in your css, light grey is what I see in the bg of your center section. Adding: “background-color: #fff” to the body section of your css would insure that all see the page as you intended.

    Thanx buzz,
    That was an oversight on my part.

    Very nice with the footer, a different approach. Some of the pages don’t seem to have an explicit width on the main content container and so spread out a bit too much (INO).

    billsaysthis, I’m not quite sure which pages you are talking about.

    BTW, which browser are you using?

    Sorry E-B, I should have said all the pages. In Firefox but just now I loaded in IE and see the same. It’s the overall page, which gets wider as the browser window expands. The top menu, More/Also, and footer stretch to fit at 100% while the blog entry is centered in a fixed width box. Don’t get me wrong I think the site is very appealling visually, this is just a little thingthat you might care to change. for example, this discussion page is all contained in a specified width, centered box, that’s the idea I’m getting at.

    I think it is wonderful, but you have heard that a # of times already. 🙂

    nice, cool and simple. I love this. But, do you think white color dominance is good for readers’ eyes? I don’t know. I myself ( prefer not using white color for background. But, above all, your design is superb.

    Man, I just went over to check your site out (clean and elegant, BTW), and when I tried to leave a comment, I got this error:

    Error: This file cannot be used on its own.

    @victoriae – Thank you very much.

    @jalansutera – I considered adding a background image or background color, but continued to come back to the plain white. It might just be my simplistic taste.

    @jonimueller – Hmm, I haven’t had anyone else get this error, but I will definetly look into it. Thanks!

    Really like this design. Layout-wise, it’s great to see something that isn’t a standard horizontal navigation / content split but which still works really well. If not better in fact. Kudos.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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