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  • Hi,
    I noticed that after answering the last question in the quiz, the answer is displayed for too short of a time for anyone to see it. How can I extend the time?


    Jaro posted this same question 8 months and 1 week ago, and, stephanemartinw also posted this question 6 months and 2 weeks ago. The forum topic is closed, but, I don’t see any answers, and, I’ve got the same problem.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks

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  • Hello @rojozia, today I was checking the support forum and got your question.
    Can you please explain what exactly you are looking for?

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    I have a quiz that has 10 questions. After a user answers question number one, WP Quiz Pro pauses and displays the correct answer for that question. Then, the user presses the “Continue” button and the next question appears. The same thing happens with questions number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. However, after the user answers question number 10, WP Quiz Pro displays the correct answer for a very, very short period of time, and does NOT pause. WP Quiz Pro does not give the user time to see the correct answer for the last question, instead, it goes on to show the results for the entire quiz.

    This same behavior occurs for a quiz with any number of questions. The code does not pause after the last question, instead it goes on to display the results for the entire quiz.

    If you could fix this code error, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Well, I have checked it with my version and there is no such problem. So can you please share me the link of your test.

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    The link to the quiz that illustrates the problem is:

    user name: guest
    password : guest

    @rojozia the plugin you are using on your site is Wp Quiz not Wp Pro Quiz. These both are different.
    So as per my suggestion first you can talk to the plugin support. They may help you regarding this.

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