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  • Are there some articles that will help me understand the relationship between blog design and bandwidth? I’ve noticed my bandwidth stabilizing at over 10MB per day. This impacts my host and how much I pay him.

    Is this because of the photo galleries I’ve started to create? Is it because of the poker spammers who visit my site everyday?

    Any help would be appreciated in helping me try and control the things that are under my control.

    Thank you, jim

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    10meg/day for a 30 day month = 300meg/month.
    I would suggest a new host could be in order – you could get 8000meg/month for around $5/month.

    You have an image that is 100K
    I look at and I’ve cost you 100K bandwith
    If 10 people look, we’ve cost you 1meg

    Spammers cost you, as do Search Engines – every time they crawl your site they download whatever they see. Lok in your access logs or install some stats programs to see who is coming along and how often.

    Design matters only in that the more code you have, the more is downloaded and although there are steps you can take, you don’t need to take it too far.

    Try this:
    but don’t take up their paid services.

    Thanks, podz.

    So, basically you get the bad with the good. Once you start putting images (even if they are each 20KB) and you have 20 or 30 per page, the bots will cause bandwidth to go up, way up. Even if no people visit your blog, the bots will.

    But now a question. I use 2 plugins (Simspons and Witty Text), one of which causes bandwidth to increase. That is Simpsons and it’s quotes.txt file. It looks like this is also something the bots download, but not the witty.txt file. Is this because of the way each plugin is designed or what?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I’m not familiar with the Simpsons plugin though I can guess at it.
    A plugin of that size is not going to impact your site to a degree I would worry about. Images are the biggest drain in my experience, along with huge pages that carry numerous posts.

    Accord to the webdev bar in Firefox, your page is 31.61 KB (32369 bytes) in size. I don’t see how you can reduce that.

    Does your host offer awstats ? Webalizer ? Anything you can check your site’s usage from ? There’s a ‘short stat’ plugin somewhere around here…..

    Just a suggestion- if your site is image intensive, why not create thumbs for the gallery page, clickable to the larger images? I suggest a width of around 70 to 80k per thumb. If the whole image loses too much that way, make your thumb a PORTION of the image. Whether this works with the plugins you choose for your gallery I dunno, but there must be galleries out there that work with thumbs, I see ’em all over the place. The thumbs should be in the neighborhood of 6-8k apiece, so if there are 20 on a page it isn’t nearly as bandwidth intensive as 20 20k images.

    podz, I do have access to awstats and webalizer. That’s why I’m asking these questions. I need to gain a little more knowledge to better help me. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    kickass, I am using thumbnails.

    My brother, who is my host provider, has been helping me understand the stats and logs. He pointed out that the poker guys hit the site a lot and cause the images to be touched, too, by redirection, I think he said. Dam those poker guys.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Grab bad-behavior:

    Very easy to install and it will save you bw too.

    bad behaviour is a must-have imo

    Thanks, I will get that.

    I would endorse Bad Behavior also. There are one or two thread around that started about a week ago commenting on a spam barrage that everyone was seeing. My instal of BB averaged close to 6,000 hits during that time and tossed them all out.

    BTW look for the Bad Behavior stats plugin that compliments BB.

    Although Bad Behavior seems to be working fine, a lot of 412 “precondition failed” errors are appearing in error logs. Is this a normal occurrence? According to my brother (who is my host), he theorizes –

    it looks like the plugin gets the IP of the visitor, then looks up the host name and puts that in the log instead – then there is also a test against some list and if the precondition is not met, further access is denied and a 412 error is generated

    Does he have a bead on this? Or is there a better explanation?

    BTW, I just upgraded to yesterday. And I also added the “private categories” plugin yesterday and resolved that “precondition” error with what was suggested in the forum. Could that also be causing the 412 errors?

    Thanks again, jim


    i.e you’ve a typo in one of your imagepaths,
    you try fo find the error ,
    you refresh your site 30-40x ..
    server create 30-40 errorlogs….
    (and my server send me 30-40 error emails ;))

    an error log could be a typo or a crash in your data base
    or a visitor has a typo as he writes your url …
    ask your brother for the error logs then only you can recognize this, everything else are speculation [or then you know which you do not know.]


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