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    I have started working at a company that runs a woocommerce business and I have been charged with fixing a number of issues even though I am very new to this. I understand that it would be helpful to have a link, but since this is an employer I am trying to avoid having their information posted.

    What I am really looking for is an explanation of certain mechanisms to understand what is happening with the site. Whenever I go to update the theme (Outlet 1.6 is being used, 2.0 is the current version: the site crashes by going completely white. I checked on the current woocommerce template files being used by the theme and many of them are in the 1.6.x range, while others are current. I am using a method of uploading the theme manually through FTP with the theme renamed in the style.css. Other themes will display some unusual markup related to the theme we are using, but none of them break entirely.

    What I am looking to figure out is: What is so tied to the old woocommerce files that it would cause an entire site to go blank? Even a lesser malfunction would confuse me since updating the theme simultaneously updates the woocommerce templates. What am I missing?

    Many apologies if my post is not within forum policies. I understand this is a woocommerce and specific theme related question, but I was hoping for some general insight. Feel free to critique or close this post if I need to be pointed in a different direction.


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    Check the error logs of hue he server, they should give you an idea of where the problem is. It sounds like you have a fatal error.

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