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    I run a multisite and believe some uninstalled plugins are messing up my users roles. The code beneath is from “user_roles” under a blogs OPTIONS table.
    I understand that this is the settings for what the user roles on this blog is, but what on earth does: “a:x” “b:x” “s:x” mean??
    (This “user_roles” value contains 6497 letters…)

    a:10:{s:13:"administrator";a:2:{s:4:"name";s:13:"Administrator";s:12:"capabilities";a:65:{s:13:"switch_themes";b:1;s:11:"edit_themes";b:1;s:16:"activate_plugins";b:1;s:12:"edit_plugins";b:1;s:10:"edit_users";b:1;s:10:"edit_files";b:1;s:14:"manage_options";b:1;s:17:"moderate_comments"; … etc. etc.

    And some of these data MUST be remains from my uninstalled buddypress?:
    s:10:"Key Master";s:12:"capabilities";a:37:{s:8:"use_keys";b:1;s:12:"administrate";b:1;s:8:"moderate";b:1;s:11:"participate";b:1;s:9:"keep_gate";b:1;s:13:"import_export";b:1;s:7:"recount";b:1;s:14:"manage_options";b:1;s:13:"manage_themes";b:1;s:14:"manage_plugins";b:1;s:10:"edit_users";b:1;s:11:"manage_tags";b:1;s:21:"edit_others_favorites";b:1;s:13:"manage_forums";b:1;s:13:"delete_forums";b:1;s:13:"delete_topics";b:1;s:12:"close_topics";b:1;s:12:"stick_topics";b:1;s:11:"move_topics";b:1;s:10:"view_by_ip";b:1;s:11:"edit_closed"; etc. etc.

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  • You’re looking at serialized strings of data. You can unserialize them with PHP and take a look at them in a human readable form, so to speak. But the string you’re transforming has to be complete (with all the “etc etc” stuff)

    $unserializedData = ( unserialize( $theStringYourTalkingAbout );
    var_dump( $$unserializedData );

    Thank you so much!

    Now I am really excited to see what this novel is all about 🙂

    … huge loads of buddypress settings is inside all user_roles settings in all my OPTIONS tables…

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