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    Yes. The FAQ tab has a detailed description of all the parameters the shortcode can use to fine-tune your countdown. This is the general syntax for setting a target date:

    [countdown date="MM/DD/YYYY"]

    Or do you mean a way to not show the countdown when it’s expired? If so, you can set the expiryText parameter to an empty string or a <div> with display: none;.

    Do either of these answer your question?

    I went through the FAQ but I’m not sure how to set it to expire say 2 days with the shortcode? I tried [countdown date=”03/04/2014″] but it still expires at the end of the year. Is it possible to set a specific expiry date within the shortcode?

    Hi, is that the correct way for the shortcode, entering the date as [countdown date=”03/04/2014″] ?
    in other words, am I experiencing some kind of incompatibility with another plugin on my site or I should be doing something else?

    Plugin Author dmonnier


    Yes, that’s how you set the expiry date. What version of the plugin are you using? The shortcode didn’t work correctly in earlier versions, so perhaps that’s what’s going on here.

    If you’re using the most recent version of the plugin and it’s still giving you the wrong target date, let me know and we’ll debug from there.

    Yes I’m using the latest version not sure why it’s showing a countdown to the end of year whatever I set

    Plugin Author dmonnier


    Hm. I’m not seeing this behavior on my end, so let’s rule out server, plugin, or theme incompatibilities.

    1. Verify that you’ve got the minimum requirements:
      • WordPress 2.5+
      • PHP 5.1.3+
      • jQuery 2.0.0+
    2. Delete any versions of CSSable Countdown you’ve got installed.
    3. Download and reinstall CSSable Countdown version 1.3 and activate it.
    4. Temporarily change your theme to Twenty Thirteen or Twenty Fourteen.
    5. Temporarily disable all your plugins except for CSSable Countdown.
    6. Navigate to wherever you’ve got the shortcode (page, widget, whatever).

    Does the countdown work?

    Yes: One-by-one go through your plugins and enable them until the countdown stops working. Tell me the name of that plugin and I’ll go check it out if it’s on the WP repository.

    No: Post back here.

    N.B. The shortcode is bugged for the time parameter, so that won’t work. Just try the minimum shortcode for now.

    Plugin Author dmonnier


    Just a note: I’ve released version 1.4 to fix the time parameter not getting set correctly, so please make sure you download version 1.4, not version 1.3.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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