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    Hi there,

    I was made aware by my client that since the last Job Manager update something is not working correctly anymore when selecting the job listing expiry date using the datepicker.

    when placing a new job listing and then picking the date using the datepicker the date that is displayed in the expiry date field will show the the month and the day correctly but not the year. Instead it will show ‘jj’ (using the Dutch language version here, normally that would be ‘yy’).

    When the listing is saved and you go to the listing overview the expiry column will show 1-1-1970 as experiy date.

    Obviously that is not correct.

    When the expiry date is entered by hand it does seem to work correctly, but when 2016 is entered for the year (so 4 digits instead of 2) it will happen that the expiry date field is emptied upon saving.

    Also when a listing is edited later and a new expiry date is picked using the date picking and then saved, the date problem described above will again rear its ugly head: the expiry column will again show 1-1-1970 and the expiry field in the listing itself will show the current date + a month instead of the previously selected correct expiry date.

    Clearly a bug of some sorts crept into this plugin since the update.

    I also noticed some other threads detailing this of sorts: and

    Hope you can fix this soon.

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  • I have the same issue, adding a date by hand seems to work.
    Re-editting the listing results in an incomplete expiry date and ‘resets’ the date to 1970 as Draxeiro stated (see added image link).

    WP Job Manager issue

    Plugin Contributor Dan


    Thanks. It’s related to this bug, which we will get fixed as soon as possible:

    It’s been quite a juggling act in the meantime getting the dates correct and such. And considering it has been more than 2 months since it was first reported I hope this is finally fixed soon.

    You mentioned in the related thread that it will be fixed in the next release, so here’s hoping that will come out in the near future.

    I can confirm this bug is back since the WordPress 4.7.1. update.

    @dan johnson: hope you read this (but will also post this on github) and can push out a fix for this again

    @staponline: there is at least a workaround you can use

    After first saving the job listing, go back into and manually change the date (so not using the datepicker, be sure to fill in the correct year too), after saving it again the date should be displayed correctly.

    I just bought the wpjobmanager and all it’s plugins, and i am also experiencing this bug meaning i can’t use this. Seems like something that should have a high priority but people have had this bug for over 7 months?

    In the meantime this bug had been fixed but then re-appeared after 3-4 months when WP 4.7.1 came out.

    I totally agree that the developers have been awfully slow to react (not only with regards to this bug but also other support requests).

    I informed them on github of the problem, so hopefully something will happen soon.

    With regards to working around the bug: entering the date by hand works. But you will have to remember to do it every time you edit a listing. But at least it works.

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    @drawmyface @draxeiro

    I am running into a similar problem with the expiry date, but slightly different.

    I try to set the expiry date (with either the date picker or by typing in the date).

    But when I click “Update” on the job, my expiry date will jump back one day. (ie: If I set it for 2017-04-30, it will change to 2017-04-29 inside the job editor) BUT, in the “All Jobs” table view, the date shows the correct expiry date of 2017-04-30.

    This is incredibly frustrating.

    Someone, please… HELP!!!

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    @draxeiro can you point me to where you posted this on Github? I’m not seeing an open issue for this.

    I’m only becoming aware of this thread now simply because a new one was started referencing it. The forum doesn’t naturally display by last posted and we need to start keeping tabs by activity instead, so our apologies.

    To openly address the concern that we are slow, we did have a period from Jan to March where we didn’t have much of a presence here due to an oversight on our part, but we are very active now and have been addressing all the bugs that have been presented. If you feel something isn’t getting addressed you can start a new thread, or even better, post it on Github with as much information as you can provide.

    I confirm that this bug is back again. I’m using Wp Job Manager with Listify.

    We are experiencing the same issue.

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