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  • hey everyone – I have an interesting project… an easy one, i think: setting an expiration date on a Blogroll link. I’ve checked all the management plugins and don’t see this feature for links.

    The way I figure, you could use the Link “Notes” entry to record an expiration date and then modify wp_list_bookmarks to run a date check loop against it.

    Anyone with any helpful code or a plugin I’ve missed? I can find the expiration code, but I don’t see where the core wp_list_bookmarks function is located for me to hack on….

    Thanks in advance

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  • Using found wp_list_bookmarks function in wp-includes/bookmark-template.php

    thank you!

    I need also the same plugin 🙂

    Can you please share with us this plugin.


    hi jclayc!
    did you have explored this? can you share the solution with us? i also need this feature for my project. thank you 🙂

    hi all!
    regarding the method from jclayc (using link_notes field to save the expired date of link), i just add this code in line 65 of wp-includes/bookmark-template.php file :

    before :

    foreach ( (array) $bookmarks as $bookmark ) {
    		if ( !isset($bookmark->recently_updated) )

    after :

    foreach ( (array) $bookmarks as $bookmark ) {
                    // this is additional line :
                    if ($bookmark->link_notes<>'' && $bookmark->link_notes < date("Y-m-d")) continue;
    		if ( !isset($bookmark->recently_updated) )

    in this case i used this date format : YYYY-MM-DD.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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