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    Firstly wonderful plugin !
    What is the best way to delete /remove posts after say 2 weeks form publish? If not able to achieve within plugin another plugin that will achieve this?

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  • Plugin Author C. Johnson


    Thanks for the kind words!

    The feature you’re describing is not currently available in FeedWordPress’s off-the-shelf code. But you may be able to get what you need by installing a freely-available custom add-on module, called FWP+: Limit posts by date. See here:

    To install the module, click on the green “Clone or download” button and choose the “Download ZIP” option. Then install the add-on, either by adding the contents of the ZIP file to a new directory called fwp-limit-posts-by-date in your wp-content/plugins directory, or by logging in to the WordPress admin interface and using Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and uploading the ZIP file that you downloaded. Activate FWP+: Limit posts by date like you would a regular plugin; then go to Syndication > Feeds & Updates and you should find a new settings panel, labeled “Limit posts by date.” This has some options which are probably not relevant to your needs, but it will also include a setting called “Expiration date,” which I think should be able to do what you need.

    I should note that, as with any add-on that involves hiding or removing data, you should pretty surely take a backup of your current site before applying and testing out this module. Let me know here or via email if it works for you, if you have any questions, etc.



    I have to say that was the most helpful no problems everything was as you said support I have had in a long time Thanks
    But always one small thing

    When i got easily to the “Expiration date,” It required me to make an entry
    I put in “7 days” as per an example i presume that was shown.
    The drop down that was shown “Enter a timespan, using strtotime() format. Each syndicated post will be given that long to show up on the website; after the interval has passed, the posts will expire, and will no longer be displayed.”
    was little confusing and I was thinking it should be more than “7 days” ??
    But is that correct entry??

    Plugin Author C. Johnson


    Sorry for any confusion! The string “7 days” should be correct, and would indicate that a newly syndicated post will be set to expire 7 days from the time when it is first syndicated.

    If you’re not positive you’ve got the right setting, you can enable some diagnostics to test this out. Go to Syndication > Diagnostics in the WordPress admin interface and find the Display Diagnostics panel. Find the check box under Diagnostics output marked “Echo in web browser as they are issued” and turn this checkbox ON. Then, scroll down to the Updates settings panel and find the checkboxes labeled as each syndicated post is added to the database (in the first group of options) and as posts are assigned expiration dates (in the second group of options). Turn both of these settings ON. Then scroll down and mash the blue Save Changes button at the bottom. (You may see some weird technical-looking PHP notification messages after you save; you can safely ignore these for the time being.)

    Once you’ve got these diagnostics turned on, go to Syndication > Syndicated Sites and find a source feed that will have new posts available to syndicate. Mash the grey “Update Now” button to start an update process, and watch the diagnostics messages that appear in the panel. If everything is set up correctly, these should indicate that the posts will expire at a date 7 days in the future.

    If you’re still having trouble with getting this set up, I’d say to e-mail me via and I can help do some more hands-on troubleshooting to figure out whether everything on your end is going as it should or if there’s something else that needs done.



    Thank you very much for your help I am pretty sure that it is working ok willget back to you if it isnt G

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