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  • I’m working on a WordPress website for someone, and she would like to add a feature she had in her old software: she could type in an expiration date on any specific post, and on that date the post would automatically be taken off the website.

    I did a Google search and found Plugin: Auto Delete Posts, but that appears to cause all posts made after a certain date to automatically expire.

    Another search pulled up “Post expires after set date or number of days,” which recommends following the WordPress Wiki instructions “Expire Posts.” I followed the directions but can’t get it to work, but this may be because I’m not up to speed on custom fields.

    In the Key box, I entered “postexpire” (no quotation marks) and in the Value box I entered “2005-10-03 01:00:00” but the dang test post is still there this morning.

    I’d really like this to work and hope somebody will show me how I’m doing it wrong!

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