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    I created and am currently using this theme I made. I’m still tweaking it and I need to get feedback on it before ever considering releasing it to the public to use.

    I want to make sure it works. I know older browsers may have issues with it because of CSS2. However, fortunately it’s been some time since these new features were released so many browsers now are very much compatible. I don’t know about AOL, but that’s the first thing that jumps to my mind for potential issues.

    I also added some nice java effects to it…for more interest, dynamic, and to simply test out the javascript.

    So, feel free to leave me some feedback for this theme.


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  • To be honest I hate scrolbars. Scroll to see the post, scroll in the comment box… I don’t think I like it.

    yup. me too, but sadly every web site has scroll bars. especially blogs. how else are you gonna read the content??

    at least this scroll bar doesn’t take you away from the navigation like the regular scroll bars everyone else uses.

    how did it view anyway? any visual glitches?

    Well, one scrollbar in the browser’s right side is more than enough. And regradless where the cursor is I can use the wheel on my mouse. Having two more scrollbars inside the site – that’s the thing that annoyes me…

    It’s a bit “boxy” but that was the intent, I guess.

    yea. i know what you mean. i do believe the area is pretty well maximized though for the main reading area.

    and this is part of something that i will change with the next design actually, though not because i dislike it, but because the javascript effect i want to apply to it won’t allow for it to be scrolling.

    you still can use your wheel on your mouse though…i do all the time. like you said just need to have it over the box.

    what i really wanted to do was make the comment box able to be expanded upward to allow for more viewing area, BUT again, the script won’t allow that because it’s scrolling.

    i am curious to know your resolution though. that may play a big factor. if it’s really high then yea, you’re working with a small window for content. if its 1280×1024 or less, you’re seeing more like what i am and i feel the room is ample enough.


    It doesn’t matter. Others might like it. I am not here to listen your arguments why do you have scrollbars.
    I don’t like them. Period. I’ll never use a theme that has them. But that’s just me.

    You asked for opinions. I gave one. Don’t try to argue and to explain everything. I am not interested. (I guess others aren’t either.)
    Wait for more feedback… and apply them or not. It’s up to you. But arguing with every feedback doesn’t lead anywhere.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It resized my browser (FF 1.5 on PC)
    Very very bad.

    Sites like that I never go back to.

    I agree with moshu and podz, plus I’m not keen on a heavy reliance on JavaScript, especially for its own sake.

    Well, well ….

    I must agree that browser resizing is not a good idea.
    It will not make people happy at all if you take control of their browser.

    Though, I symphatize with your ideas I think, you took an early flight with your theme.
    It is obvious that you are enthusiastic but you had better stick with specific issues you are trying to solve.

    A theme, intended for the public, should be consistent, yours, at the present more of a playground for your ideas. You need to make some more research into them.

    So, do not take hard the critics, some are worth to consider, some are just the wheather …. 🙂

    Ive been pretty upset when my browser jumpt to a verry narrow box. The comming thing was that when i was planning to go back to WP the browser got big again, but the site not. To manny fingermovements just to do a thing what normaly would be something to enjoy.

    If you have to have a scrollbar thats fine but to add one in doesn’t make sense (design wise) to me but thats just my op.
    I see what you were going for (I think) but IMHO its too boxy. I think the black lines seperating the boxes are too big and defined at least to me it makes it even more “boxy”. I would take out some of the extraneous boxes and make your main scroll window bigger, less scrolling.

    I also had my browser resize on load.

    1. I really like the boxes, for one, because they are visually striking and make it easier to distinguish different sections of the navigation from each other. I also like the color scheme.

    2. OK, as for resizing the browser: yes, very very very bad. It’s bad because it gives you a little scare, like your computer is about to crash or it’s been infected with adware. People will close the window and hit the back button and never return. Of course your site doesn’t actually make the browser crash or install spyware, but it will give people that feeling of concern that will make them just prefer to visit one of the other 6 billion web pages out there. Also I don’t appreciate it that when I leave your site I still don’t have my browser’s scroll bar–have you thought of that? Maybe maybe you can self-justify taking away the user’s scrollbar when they’re on your site (maybe). But how can you say it’s ok to take away apart of their browser when they’re not on your site?

    3. The scroll bar in the middle: that’s a frame. I know it’s not the old-fashioned html frame, but it’s functionally the exact same thing. Frames have gone out of style for many reasons, all having to do with the fact that they make the site less usable. Just read Jakob Nielsen’s writings on the subject. Yes, the current default browser setup of scrollbar on the right side of the page in the web browser is vastly preferable to users as demonstrated in numerous usability studies (again, Google Jakob Nielsen and frames). Also, the frame prevents you from making the most out of your screen real estate by forcing the little bottom navbar into view when you would rather use that screen space for reading content. In short, it’s an imposition on visitors, even if it was intended as precisely the opposite.

    Another vote against resizing a person’s browser. It really hosed my Firefox in Linux. I had to restart the browser. Yeah, it makes life easy for you knowing exactly how big the window is but people really really hate it.

    yea, I may take off the browser resize. It was just experimenting. Though it’s also control. Something the web is lacking. Something I can’t stand.

    I’m a designer and I create. I create something I have an intended way for you to view it.

    I know not everyone is going to like or view my design. However you WILL see it how I intended.

    To a more concrete and logical argument and reason for not using it. Thanks to Trigger. Now that I understand there is a problem with it, I’m more inclined not to use it. It’s not just because someone doesn’t like it. Not your design buddy. Sorry.

    I create something I have an intended way for you to view it.
    you WILL see it how I intended.

    Unfortunately on the web that’s just a nice dream. You cannot be prepared for all the possible browsers (think of text-only!) and/or resolutions, OS etc.
    We all would like to present our work as we see it but nobody can controll everybody’s browser and/or computer. We all have to compromise: while doing our best to look good in as many browsers as possible, it will never be perfect in every instance.

    That’s the nature of this medium.

    concepthue, you already have the ability to pretty much control what the user sees by making it fixed-width, as you have done; that means that a bigger window will only produce a large blank space to the right of the main page, which no one will notice. The only thing you can’t control is whether or not they’ll also see the footer, but there’s so little of interest there anyway, what’s the point of making them see it?

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