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    I purged the caches. The experiment code is visible in the source code. What am I doing wrong. It’s been 1.5 hours. Multiple browsers, including third party ones, are not showing variations. Does this product even work? I’m thinking about going straight to the review section. flat out told me that they won’t help me if I don’t have the do re mi. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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  • tdevalk



    So you’re not seeing the variations you set up?
    Have you tried incognito/private modes? That usually does it for me. It usually takes me a few tries to see a variation myself as well. I figure this is just as well, because the same users won’t be seeing different variations then 🙂

    Have you checked your stats since? Is anything recording?



    The stats stopped. I switched to split URL tests because the variations weren’t showing otherwise. After one day, it stopped recording conversions. It kept recording visits only. The only thing I can do is manually record the conversions by IP address. Convert Experiments is only recording visits and serving different URL’s to different users. I’m probably about through with this service. I’m looking at other services.



    Now it completely stopped working. It wants billing details now, but the billing details page won’t load. I’m wondering whether this plugin should partner with a different company. There are others. Yoast just needs to approach one. The current one seems to suck eggs. Yoast’s SEO plugin rocks, but they don’t partner with fools to produce that one.



    If I may suggest a new name: Acme Experiments.



    So your goals are not working but they were working before without you doing anything? That would be odd.

    Can you share some more info on what type of goal you use and what that URL is.

    I have the same problem with one of the experiments I am running.

    The variations are all setup and were working. However, I can no longer preview them now. Even when I create another experiment from scratch, I can’t see the preview of the edits, and they don’t show to visitors of the site either.

    If I check previews of some older experiments, they work fine.

    Previews not working usually have this problem:

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