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  • So I install the most recent version of WordPress to one of my URLs and found that it took no effort at all to install – very exciting. I log in to realize I have no idea how to control this environment to have it perform as I would desire – very depressing. Is it too much to ask to have a ” click here to set up this feature ” or even a basic tutorial that is titled ” if you want your site to look like this, do this “. I have above average intelligence but feel very much like a moron as I bump into walls blindly.

    Perhaps I can get some assistance in the form of DIRECT recommendations and instructions by describing the project:

    My uncle is an artist
    My uncle makes artwork ( hundreds of pieces )
    My uncle would liek a website that shows off his artwork

    No blogs. No calendar. No forum…. but it HAS to look like a website, and not a generic photogallery. He could just open a flikr account and get that. I see many beautiful examples of end products of wordpress that do exactly what I desire… but getting from here to there is beyond my understanding. Please assist.


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  • My best advice is to start here this guys site is probably one of the best starting points into working out whats right and wrong. Have a look and tell me what you think?

    I’m only 3 months behind you in starting as you get stuck in it becomes addictive and posibilities become endless.
    See my 1st attempt
    All the best

    A good starting point would actually be to choose a theme. However, most themes for WordPress are geared toward blogs, so you probably want something custom.

    In which case, the documentation would be where to go:

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