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  • Ok, I have been a long time user of WP and have been using All in one SEO(AIOS).

    Given the multitude of functions it has I thought of trying Yoast SEO plugin.

    In AIOS, I would define a post title (How to tie a a tie?) and it will automatically take the site name (Mashable) from the template to make it
    for example: How to tie a a tie? | Mashable

    We do have template system in WP SEO but it works in either/or mode. If I don’t set anything in my post title it picks the default format fine but in case I put something in the post level title box, it doesn’t automatically pick the site name.

    I am wondering, is this the expected behavior of this plugin?

    (I have tinkered with settings like force rewrite, setting wp_title etc but all in vain)


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  • It does work the way you need it too.

    In SEO>Titles & Metas> Post Types, set the Posts Title Template to be %%title%% | %%sitename%%

    Then in your actual post you would for example just enter in the the post title field How to tie a a tie?, you don’t change the title in the Yoast SEO Title field and then the template structure is applied giving you How to tie a a tie? | Mashable

    If you want to overright it then you would fill in the Yoast SEO Title Field

    ah, so what I thought turned out to be correct.

    @neilgee: This looks like a major feature which Yoast WP SEO plugin has not implemented and which comes out-of-the-box with AIOS.

    Let me explain a bit more.

    In almost all themes of today, WordPress post title field becomes an “h1” header in a post while Yoast SEO title field becomes a “title” of the post.

    If I keep Yoast SEO title field as-it-is (ie I don’t write anything inside), it will take the default value from wordpress post title field and append it with the template defined – so far so good.

    but what if I want to customize the Yoast title field?

    So I want “h1” header to be WP post title field (How to tie a tie?) while I want “title” to be say

    Check how to tie a tie | Mashable

    My question is that ideally WP Yoast SEO plugin should not require us to write the last part of string (| Mashable) in the Yoast SEO title box. It should take that automatically from the template but that doesn’t happen here. However I am used to such a feature in AIOS.

    I hope I was able to make myself clear. Please let me know if I am wrong in my thinking here.


    You could just then adjust the the wp_title

    <title><?php wp_title(''); ?> | <?php bloginfo('name'); ?></title>

    Then in the In SEO>Titles & Metas> Post Types, set the Posts Title Template to be %%title%%

    Ok, nice.

    How do you handle home page in that case? (since you don’t want the word Mashable repeating there.

    Normally they are structured as Mashable | A Tech blog but in this case it would become Mashable | A Tech blog | Mashable

    Will you use a conditional statement in the header.php and check for home page? or do you have any better way?

    I updated my earlier post with a WP function <?php bloginfo('name'); ?> to include the sitename which you control in Dashboard>Settings>General

    For home page there is a specific control in WordPress SEO – SEO>Titles & Metas> Home

    If you wanted to use the earlier suggestion but not on the home page you could use a conditional statement or simply use a front-page.php template which just uses
    <title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title>

    I, too, have been an AIOSEO user and am confused by how titles are used/set in Yoast.

    I have not found where Yoast allows me to use a different <title> vs. <h1>.

    The Yoast settings at the bottom of a page do not allow me to edit the Title field so it can be tweaked separately from the main page heading. AIOSEO provides this ability by default. I have tried checking/unchecking the “rewrite title” box in Yoast settings but it had no effect.

    How is this done?

    Never mind – figured it out. I was trying to modify what was shown in the Yoast Title field in the page editor. It has to be completely rewritten.

    Hey Sorry,

    I think I am getting the same issue as @ankurj – I am not a coder but I’ll do something if someone can explain it.

    Basically – by updating the SEO title in Yoast, its overwriting my page headlines (on pages only not posts). So for example on a page I have called The Writers I want :

    The SEO Title Tag to say “Writers Characters Shenanigans | Free Daily Sameness”
    I want the page headline to say “The Writers”

    Unfortunately Yoast has changed my Page Headline to say the same as the SEO title Tag. Example here :

    The same control I can get over posts, I cannot get on my pages, and I can’t work out why. I do know that I don’t want the “| Free Daily Sameness” syntax to be appearing on every page headline – but of course I want it to remain on the Title Tag.

    Any ideas?

    It wouldn’t be Yoast Plugin changing the fields, most probably your theme, what is the code in the templates single.php and page.php in between the:
    Tags in the header

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