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  • Hi all,

    Total noob here. Please stop cringing. 🙂

    So, I have this client, and she’s asked to “fine tune” (aka fiddle with, adjust, mess up :)) the site that I built on WP BEFORE it goes live. I developed the site on MAMP, and of course she’s on PC. I did a test migration from MAMP to WAMP with the only 7 box in my house, and despite the fact that a clean install of WP works just great, once I import the SQL file from the site, the CSS just kinda… disappears.

    Before I even ask about solving that, I thought I’d ask some people who know what they’re doing – what is the best way to give her access to the site before it goes public? WAMP? A subdomain? Other options I haven’t considered? It’s an ecommerce site, and I have yet to sandbox Paypal Pro because it won’t work on MAMP. So should I just take the site online and hide it from the world until it’s ready? And how hard is it to move once it’s done?

    Thanks so much for your input, guys!


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