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  • So I’m looking for:
    100MB+ storage space
    10GB bandwidth
    $5 per month (or cheaper)

    Candidates so far (to be updated as search continues):

    A Small Orange
    400MB storage
    10GB bandwidth
    $5 a month
    WOW this looks great. $10 per year for domain name though…

    Amx host
    700MB disk space
    7GB bandwidth
    $4 per month or $36 per year (wow… even better!)

    HQ HOsting
    1GB disk
    10GB bandwidth
    $5/month, $14 quarterly, $27 semi annually, $50 annually

    Site Ground
    1.2GB disk space
    500GB traffic
    Some free wordpress installation or something

    ICD Soft
    500MB space
    7GB bandwidth
    (looks good)

    Total Choice Hosting
    450MB space
    10GB bandwidth
    $4/month, $44/year
    (looks pretty good too)

    Valve Hosting
    1GB space
    10GB bandwidth

    NO on dreamhost, godaddy.

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  • Add to your lineup. I just moved there a few weeks back, have been pleased so far. Pretty quick support responses, lots of features. I opted for the middle plan (not much more, offers a ton more…).

    And, you should be doing all domain name reg through godaddy or others — cheaper, and easier to have them in one place vs strewn around wherever you are hosting. ‘free’ domains are never free… 😉

    -d is unfortunately above my tiny budget right now. I’m not in a position to shell down the money for a long term commitment (otherwise would go with ASO’s $150 lifetime deal).

    Thanks for the advice about domains, though.

    Yeah, it’s a bad idea to get your domain name through your host. Makes it MUCH harder to change hosts.

    And Site Ground sounds too good to be true. They most likely cram a ton of users on a single box.

    I’ve been with Total Choice Hosting for 2+ years. They’re pretty good pricewise, and for the first 2+ years, I had very few problems with them. However, I was running during those 2 years, which might make a difference.

    I recently upgraded to WP 2.0.1 and many problems have been popping up. My current ongoing problem is with my FTP connection. When you submit a ticket to tech support, they are VERY quick to respond…however, the quality/content of their responses aren’t very helpful.

    I’m considering switching hosts right now.

    I can recommend ICD. I host several sites on them (a couple run WordPress), and have had few problems the last three years or so. Their price goes down after the first year as well ($3.33 USD/month).

    I had a friend check out A Small Orange in the last two hours, and this is what she emailed me, as per their website…

    Due a large number of sign ups today, orders have been automatically disabled for the day. This limit is to ensure we continue to have adequate capacity for the customers we take on and to prevent fraud. The system will allow orders to resume automatically starting tomorrow. Please check back at that time to place your order.

    From my perspective…
    I read in their forum that they’re offering lifetime deals with a single payment of @ $150US up front.

    Only prob with that is the guy who owns it. Pity help if he’s hit by a bus – not that I would wish it upon him.

    I also know they’re waiting on new servers which, when I read the post dated: ? January 2006 (I couldn’t be bothered to go back and source the exact date), they still haven’t received them.

    I believe they were expecting a new shipment somewhere around end of Jan – can’t confirm if they’ve received them or not.

    One has to wonder if they’re having some problem trying to meet contractual promises due to the influx of new customers.

    Just a thought.

    Hmm… still a tough decision. Anyone know of any special deals (referral etc) with those hosts?

    From what I understand, Asmallorange limits their daily signups everyday in order to meet their customers needs 100%. All I can tell you is that whenever I’ve had the slightest problem, my email was answered and problem fixed within minutes.

    Oh, and yahoo small business has 2.99 domains. Hard to beat that.

    Anyone know of any special deals (referral etc) with those hosts?

    ICD has an affiliate program where signup referrals get you a percentage:

    However, I never signed up for it so can’t render an opinion or advice.

    I’ve been using Site Ground for a couple months. I have a WP blog there. They have the “Fantastico” installer via “C-panel” and it has worked great for me. The site seems fast to view, although I’ve found posting articles and comments to be slow. The admin page also is slow.

    Their online ticket system is great; you get a response within ten minutes. I’ve been meaning to ask them about the WP being slow.


    Can anyone comment on Yahoo! domains?



    they are providing very good plans with unlimited domain hosting, 75GB space and 1000GB bandwidth for only $10.99 per month or $110 per yr.


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