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  • Hi, i would like to know whether it is possible to add an extra shipping option in the cart page / checkout page where the user/customer can select it to be added to their order – such as an expedited shipping fee/rush order fee add-on type of thing?
    Basically, I would like to add an option for expedited shipping on my e-commerce website. I want to have a checkbox/dropdown which the customer can choose if they want to add the extra cost (as expedited shipping which would help deliver their orders fast).
    And on updating page the total amount for the cart should get updated along with the total shipping (addition of individual shipping methods)

    I have tried working on the flat rate shipping and have assigned extra shipping classes to individual products. They are working, but if i assign a shipping class to a product, it becomes mandatory for the user to pay the extra shipping amount if they purchase the product. I would like to keep it as a option for the user.
    The extra shipping option is getting added to the total order. So i would like to separate it out on the cart page giving a option to the user to select the shipping method.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • There are a few ways to go about it. If you’re wanting it to be at the product level, you could use the woocommece product add-ons extension (on to optionally add “expedited shipping”
    Another way to do it would be to make everything a variation.

    I’m guessing you definitely don’t want it to be at the order level, right? Because you could just create a second instance of the flat rate shipping and call it “expedited shipping” Granted, this would take a little custom coding, but not much.

    Have you tried using a plugin like Easyshipper –

    It’s meant to work with Woocommerce and do this type of stuff.

    thanks bheadrick, but i have tried all those things. right now i dont really want to spend on woocommerce’s add-ons extension. I have tried making it a variation and it even worked. but the only limitation which i got is , if a user purchases multiple number of the same product, its expedited shipping is getting add multiple times. ideally it should be x amount for quantity 1-5, y amount for qty 6-10 and so on. so i am not able to figure how would i implement this change.

    also, thanks Justin. I would surely try out this plugin and check weather it out fulfil my requirement.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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