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    I have tried Widget Importer & Exporter on a multisite but could not get it to work.
    I guess it is not meant for use at a multisite.
    However, it would have been a very nice feature.

    I have a general site and special sites on Webdesign and Illustrations in a multisite setting. The general site contains an overview of everything and the other sites focus on Webdesign and Illustration. It would have been very nice if I could make widgets (or wie-files) in the specialized sites and present these widgets on the general site. They are still under development and not available yet.

    Yes, it is possible to use ordinary links, but as I now use the same theme to all three sites it would have been a very nice feature to interconnect widgets directly.

    Maybe something for the development wishlist?

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  • Plugin Author Steven Gliebe



    The plugin is multisite compatible. Bear in mind that the plugin functions the same for each individual website on a multisite network as it does on a single WordPress install. There is no interconnection between widgets / websites within a network.

    It could be that there is something specific to your setup that is interfering.

    1. Try deactivating all plugins except this one and try again, in case there is a conflict.

    2. If the issue remains, please describe what steps you are taking and tell me what result you get instead of what you expect (tell me what you expect). I will need to understand what is not working in order to help you.

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks a lot for a clear answer. Here I try to explain how I used your plugin.

    First, I checked that the General site is clean from widgets (after my tests)
    Then I went to my Illustrations site that has 4 widgets prepared for the home page.
    There I choose Tools > Widget Importer and Exporter.
    I click the Export Widgets button which gives a wie-file.
    Now, I change to the General site where I choose: Tools > Widget Importer and Exporter
    There I click the Choose File button. I choose the actual wie-file that was executed.
    Then I click the Import Widgets button (at the General site)

    I get these Import Results (in Screendump)
    Results of widget import

    When I change to Front-end of the General site I notice that none of the widgets
    from the Illustrations site shows up.
    I check in backend and into the Widgets. And there are 4 imported widgets!
    BUT they are not the ones from the Illustrations site but from Featured Pages in
    the General site. So even if the General site did not show these widgets in front-end
    I can edit them in the back-end, but only pages from the General site.
    Not the content I expected from the Imported Widgets.

    I also have to tell you that I am using a Genesis child theme named Enterprise Pro
    Theme, and the Illustrations site has the same theme. Except in order to differentiate
    my themes I have renamed the theme of the Illustrations site to EnterpriseArtwork.
    Hopefully, this is properly done as I have followed a guide for renaming themes.

    My multisite is the Sub-directory version and not based on sub-domains.
    Another remark is that I am using a Swedish version of WordPress.
    Please note I also had the Disable Real MIME Check plugin active during my test,
    together with all the other plugins I use.

    TEST 2

    In order to follow your suggestion that there might be a conflict with other plugins I
    deactivated all plugins except Widget Importer and Exporter.
    I made also a change to English in language settings.

    Again I deleted the widgets at the General site and my last wie-file.
    Changed to the Illustrations site where I choose Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter.
    I clicked the Export Widgets button.
    Changed back to the General site and Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter.
    Clicked the Choose File button and got the last wie-file.
    Then I clicked the blue Import Widgets button
    I checked in Front-end of the General site and one Widget showed up, as last time.
    No change.
    When I checked in back end on the Widgets I noticed that 4 widgets were imported but
    none of them connected to the Illustrations site (all widgets related to the General site).

    So it was exactly the same outcome of both tests, with and without other plugins.
    I expected that the content from the Illustrations site would show up in the widgets on
    the General site.

    I hope my explanation is clear. As I am in the development phase I could allow you to
    look into the backend of my WordPress sites if more questions arise. Then we have to
    arrange for changing private emails.

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    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    I’m not sure I’m following. Can you please clarify these parts?

    First, I checked that the General site is clean from widgets (after my tests)

    I check in backend and into the Widgets. And there are 4 imported widgets! BUT they are not the ones from the Illustrations site but from Featured Pages in the General site.

    OK, I am sorry for my English, but I will try to elaborate.
    I had made a few tests that created widgets here and there on the General site. I had to delete these test results and get rid of all widgets. In order to make a correct evaluation of the process of your plugin, the General site had to be clean from widgets. So I started with no widgets on the General site.

    After I used your plugin (export from the Illustrations site and import to the General site) I checked in the frontend of the General site, but no widgets did show up. However, when I checked in the backend of the General site, there were four widgets. That did surprise me. BUT, these widgets are from the General site, not as expected from the Illustrations site. It was just Featured Pages widgets where I only could choose pages from the General site, just as how Widgets ordinary behave.

    It was a bit confusing that I found these widgets in backend of the General site as I not had copied (Exported) them.

    I am sorry if I am too verbose but I want to make the process as clear as possible. After writing this I thought it might be better to show a film sequence on how I use your plugin. Please view it here: Plugin applied on multisite

    Hope it helps.

    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    Thanks for the additional details. To make sure I’m clear, is this what is happening?

    1. You import widgets from another site
    2. It says they imported, but they don’t show on the front-end or the backend
    3. It shows other widgets that did not exist before

    It sounds like two issues:

    1. The widgets that it says are imported do not show up on the front-end nor on the backend (try clearing a caching plugin, if used — and your browser cache).
    2. Other widgets appear that did not exist before and that are not in the WIE file (double-check that they’re not in the WIE file by viewing it in a text editor)

    If you can make the video just a couple minutes I can take a look. 13 minutes is too long for me to go through right now. Thank you.

    Answers to your questions:
    1. Yes
    2. Yes, but doesn’t show headlines. And they don’t show up in the frontend, but they are replaced in the backend by widgets related to the General site.
    3. Yes, exactly so. Widgets related only to the site they show up into, not imported widgets.

    The issues:
    1. Yes, the exported widgets do not show up. No caching plugin exists in this WP multisite. But I will look into browser cache.
    2. Yes, they do but not from the other site (Illustrations).
    The content of the wie-file is as follows:
    {"header-right":{"text-3":{"title":"","text":"","filter":false}},"home-top":{"featured-page-2":{"title":"","page_id":"19","show_image":"1","image_size":"home-top","image_alignment":"alignleft","show_title":"1","show_content":"1","content_limit":"200","more_text":"Mer info..."}},"home-bottom":{"featured-page-5":{"title":"","page_id":"26","show_image":"1","image_size":"featured-image","image_alignment":"aligncenter","show_title":"1","show_content":"1","content_limit":"200","more_text":"Mer info..."},"featured-page-6":{"title":"","page_id":"34","show_image":"1","image_size":"featured-image","image_alignment":"aligncenter","show_title":"1","show_content":"1","content_limit":"200","more_text":"Mer info..."},"featured-page-7":{"title":"","page_id":"36","show_image":"1","image_size":"featured-image","image_alignment":"aligncenter","show_title":"1","show_content":"1","content_limit":"220","more_text":"Mer info..."}}}

    I will try to make a shorter video. But it will take more effort than making a longer one in one take without a manuscript. 😉 It needs some planning and afterthought and maybe editing which can take some time. I will respond as soon as I have a new video.

    A shorter film is now available that shows what happens. (The old one deleted)
    Screencast that shows the plugin in a multisite

    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    Thank you for the shorter video.

    It looks to me like the widgets are importing but not showing okay on the front-end. It may be that the settings for the widgets from the source site are not what the target site are expecting. The plugin only copies what it finds. If things are not displaying correctly then that may have to do with how the theme or plugin is handling those widget settings.

    1. Can you tweak those settings to make the widgets show as expected (after importing)?

    2. It could also be something specific to the Genesis widgets. What has StudioPress said about this?

    3. Since it is only a few widgets, could it be more practical (in this case) to add them manually?

    4. There is another plugin that does the same thing (but in a different manner). It is worth trying to see if your widgets import okay using it:

    I have been bedridden the last days with fever, but as I did a test today with the other plugin I would like to comment on your post.

    First: The outcome of my new test was EXACTLY the same as with yours. More on that below.

    My answers to your questions:
    1/ No I can not tweak the settings. The only options to choose from are from the pages on the General site, nothing from the Illustrations site. If I tried to cheat with a copy of the page on the General site the link from the widget wouldn´t lead to the other site.

    2/ Yes, now I suspect it is something special with Genesis widgets. I have not discussed this with Studiopress. When my head is a bit more clear I will take my question to them. As the outcome was exactly the same in both tests I think this is the most probable reason for not getting the import to work.

    3/ He, he. Yes, I am a lazy guy 😉 I tried early on to do that and I found that I then have to use a Text-widget because I need manual links. Featured Page Widget have the links built in. And when I used the Text widget I found that the CSS was different from that of the Featured Page widget. If I begin to tweak the Text widget I think I have to create two versions one for the home page and one for the rest. But this is a possible solution which I may use.

    4/ As said: no difference at all.

    Thank you a lot for your engagement in my questions.


    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon.

    Based on your answers (and especially getting the same result from the other import plugin), I believe this is specific to how the widget itself works. Contact StudioPress and see what they say about their widget.

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