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  • Hi there, and thanks so much for an awesome plugin!

    First of all, to demonstrate my issue I made both a typical shortcode example, and a roll-your-own example:
    Typical Shortcode Example
    Roll-your-Own Example
    (hosted locally, I hope it’s stable!)

    Ok, here goes: I’m trying to make expandable sections of a document, and expandable sub-sections inside them. Using the [expandsub] shortcode (or simply nesting div’s for the roll-your-own example), worked perfectly.
    However, I’m now trying to make a Table Of Contents, with sections and sub-sections, using links with class="extra[n]-targetname".
    While this works perfectly for “root-level” sections, it’s more problematic for nested elements: the nested element expands, but its parent doesn’t, which means it stays invisible.
    Is there any way to make the parent expand when the child is expanded?

    I tried several things so far:

    • Using <span class="collapseomatic" id="extra1-my_id"></span>: as stated above, expands child but not parent
    • Using <a href=#my_id" class="expandanchor></a>. While this works ,it introduces a number of issues:
      • no collapse possible (see both examples)
      • the findme attribute becomes unstable (see shortcode example)
      • if using highlander groups, clicking the link the first time opens parent, and you have to click a second time to get to the child (see roll-your-own example)

    Also, here are links to the code I used for both pages:
    Source for Shortcode Example
    Source for Roll-your-Own Example

    After thoroughly reading the documentation and browsing the forum, I have yet to find an answer to this problem! I hope someone can get me out of this pickle =)



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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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