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  • Hi -I am looking for a way to make a category expandable into hidden sub categories.

    I would like to have a main parent category, for instance “Cancer” with a small arrow icon next to it (like the one next to “accessories” under all programs in the start menu of Microsoft) that when the parent category (with the arrow) is elected/scrolled over, the auto generated, hidden child categories(sub categories) such as Prostate Cancer… display/drop down. Any ideas? I need for it to work with numerous sub categories. A parent category that indicates a drop down menu with an arrow… that when clicked would display the various hidden sub categories would suffice. Though, I would prefer the auto generated sub category to display when the parent category is selected… like the “accessories” feature (in MS)does mentioned above.

    Thanks in advance! BB

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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