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    I realize this plugin is tested up to 4.2.5 however I thought I would share some details with you on an issue I experienced. In the WYSIWYG CKEditor settings within the Gravity Forms settings page, when choosing the option to “Enable in form editor” is checked, the ability to expand the form elements to edit the options within the Gravity Forms editor, will not expand. When I uncheck this option, then I can once again expand the form elements to edit the options.

    Maybe you already know this, maybe not. Thought I would share with you in case others are experiencing the same issues. I enabled this feature since some people are not skilled at adding bold text, or links to an HTML form element in the back end.

    If you need more details, please let me know.

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    Thanks for the reminder, I noticed this at one stage but was too preoccupied/busy to look further into it.

    From what I can tell, I can reproduce it by opening a field – which triggers the code that adds the CKEditor to the field settings, then when it is deleted the error starts (and no new fields will open). Which seems to be an issue of removing the CKEditor instance from the DOM before it’s properly destroyed.

    Im about to push out an update, 1.5.2 that should address this … it hooks into the existing code that runs when a field is removed, and properly destroys the CKEditor instance before the remove happens.

    // destory all existing CKEditor instances when field is delete in form editor - hooks into existing StartDeleteField function.
    				// backup original StartDeleteField
    				var StartDeleteFieldoldCK = StartDeleteField;
    				StartDeleteField = function(field) {
    					// destory all CKEditor instances
    					for(name in CKEDITOR.instances) {
    					// call original StartDeleteField

    Let me know how it goes.

    Also, yes – the backend WYSIWYG is absolutely critical to getting the most out of creating good form content, complete with formatting. I built this feature because I couldnt expect my end users to manually code up HTML. Good to hear others love this too!


    Great. Shall I wait for the new plugin update OR hack your plugin with this change? I don’t see file name or line numbers for this code change. I’ll post a followup with my testing results with the new code.

    Plugin Author ovann86


    Hey, just pushed the update out – you should see it come through shortly.

    If you want to try it manually, insert the code at line 287.


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