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  1. Jannes
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Currently I'm trying to get the expand comments to work to my liking. The developer hasn't responded to any of my questions so far, so here I ask for your help.

    I would like my visitors to be able to stay on the front page, and read/add comments if they feel like. I want to serve them the comments and comment-form upon request, driven by a little ajax-magic, I don't want them to move to single page view. I know that will propably kill any search engine rating that I might get, but hey, I write for fun.

    So far I have been able to get expand comments working on my test-blog, but here's my real problem: I just can't get quicktags or smilies active with my comment-form.

    Do you have any suggestions where to start (apart from rewriting the whole plugin)? Or are there better plugins available for this?

    Thanks for your feedback and ideas.

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