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  • scolford


    I should be able to figure this out, but it’s just confounding me. Can anyone see how to display replies to comments on first load of a post page? I still want the ability to toggle hide/show for them, but I want it to start without the “display: none” and the replyshowtext instead of the replyhidetext.

    Any help would be appreciated. I’m sorry, I can’t show you an example of my site, as it’s on an intranet. But the designer has a demo here: If you add a reply to this post, it will be in moderation, but you can see how the replies are hidden by default when you load the page.

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  • wizardregis


    Replies are not hidden by default, it’s just the form for writing a reply that is moved around.



    Hmm. That’s not what I see. If you load a page that has replies to comments, they are collapsed directly under the comment with the text: View [X] replies to [commenter]’s comment and a plus sign that expands the replies.



    Hi – that behaviour is the default behaviour of Blend.

    If you wish we’re soon going to be including our threaded comments plugin: with all our themes, but you can install the plugin right away and start using it. This allows you to change the number of comments rolled up by the Javascript – right up to the point where none will be rolled up.

    Hope that helps,


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