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  • Hi,
    I’ve been using an exit window on my sight for some time. It had always been working perfectly until now. Currently, when I click on the exit prompt, instead of letting me leave, it pops up again and prompts me again. This goes on indefinitely.
    Has WP been updated lately? Just wondering why it’s happening.
    Thank you for any help.

    Vince Deegan
    [ redacted ]

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  • Some additional info:
    The exit window I keep referring to is one of the optional features contained in a plug-in that I’m using.
    Another thing is that the problem occurs while I am signed into my site and test viewing it. Whenever, I test view any of my subdomains, and then decide to go back into my dashboard, the exit prompt pops up, as expected. Then I click the Yes key, as expected. But, after that it’s supposed to release control and let me go back into my dashboard. It doesn’t. It keeps control and prompts me again, indefinitely. Now, if I try to leave the current page *other than* clicking on Dashboard (for example, by merely hitting the back key), it lets me do that. It just doesn’t let me go back into my dashboard.
    Sorry for the redundant explanations. See, this never happened earlier…when my site was first created everything was working perfectly, for a long time…always letting me go back to my dashboard whenever I wanted. This only started happening recently and I have no clue on what caused it to start happening. Please give me any ideas on what might have happened, or how to correct it. Thank you.

    P.S. Of course, it would be easier to just let you test my site and go into the wp-admin part of it so you could see what’s happening. But, that’s a secure area and I’d hate to give out my password, unless anyone can let me know how to set up a second, temporary password for this purpose.

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