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  • I am trying to code, or find the code/plugin, to allow for the following scenario to work…

    If there is one link on my page that goes to an external link and it opens a new window for that link, if the user comes back to my site there is an overlay would then be there. This action doesn’t even have to happen on a returnto action, but could be one action that when clicked, an overlay is placed while a new window is opened. I do not mind if it is a CSS, Javascript, or AJAX fix – I am just having trouble making that happen.

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  • i am not sure if i follow what exactly you want but what i can understand is that when a user clicks on a link on ur page you want that page to get an overlay while the user goes to another site, if thats the case
    you could add a div right after body with an absolute class element having dark background color with low opacity and width of your container and that class is by default hidden and through js
    class.onClick ( make absolute class display block)

    I think I get what you are saying, and it makes sense but it’s not working as I would have expected.

    I placed some code together and uploaded it, but I don’t see anything that actually works. Can you take a look at the HTML (very basic) to see what I am doing wrong

    looking at code/js it doesnt even seem to do what u mentioned about overlaying –
    + delegate was an old style method of jquery u should use .on(), + drop $ and use jQuery (u can see your console log)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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