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    Just installed plug-in (for 1st time) and the download of the exit list os not working (and hence no Tor users are being blocked).

    On attempting download error message displayed
    cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5002 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

    Press “Update Now” repeats same.

    Checked in WP database and there is no vitor_exit_list in the options table (most of the other vitor options are there, just no exit list).

    Checking the download site and trying it in browser it just eventually times-out (although pinging the site and it responds)! Even just trying to browse to fails eventually). So it looks like the issue is the download site not working (outside the issue of the plug-in) – except are there alternative sites one can switch to now the seems to be not working (been trying for some time now).

    Setting the plug-in to use “real-time checking” works (though obviously a performance impact.

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    Further info:
    I have found another Tor list and found that editing the plug-in as shown below appears to work.

    However, I regard this as a bodge as I have no idea about the reliability of the new IP address list, just that on cursory glance it appeared OK and that it seems to work (for now)

    Near top

    /*    const EXIT_LIST_UPDATE_URL = '//'; */
    	const EXIT_LIST_UPDATE_URL = '//';

    And to be safe (maybe redundant) in function updateExitList()

            $list = array();
            //$list[] = ''; // dev testing
            foreach($lines as $idx => $line) {
                $ip = trim($line);
                if ($ip == '' || $ip[0] == '#') continue;
    if(!is_numeric($ip[0])) continue;
                $list[] = $ip;

    Added the left justified line in case of non IP info appearing in the downloaded file (though I suspect this might be redundant – I added it in when experimenting with other download lists)

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    Hi, I’ve got the same problem “cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received ” – “Update now” doesn’t work and looks as if your server is down…



    …it works, thank you!

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    “…it works, thank you!”
    Be warned, I have no idea about the new source (not how up to date it is, no idea as to who operates it on what basis or anything).

    And, be warned that whilst I’m a software developer I have never programmed in php before.

    So, I offer the info solely on the “it’s what I did” basis without recommendations and with warnings.

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    The built in server is working again. There were some stability issues with the host that are now resolved so it should continue to work fine as it has been for the last 2 years. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for using the plugin.

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    Many thanks. I’ve re-installed your original as I was not particularly happy with my “customisations”.

    One question: (Given you know a lot about the Tor network) how often are new exit points added ? i.e. how stable is the list ?


    Plugin Author drew010


    I don’t look closely enough to see how often exits are added, but it fluctuates quite a bit. In fact, the number has reduced in the last couple of years. When I started tracking things there were consistently around 1,000 or so exists. Right now there are less than 800 (

    Some of that may be removal of adversarial networks, maybe by detection and also security improvements to Tor itself, or just popularity dying down as Snowden leaks fade into the past. Costs of running a fast, stable exit relay aren’t exactly low.

    I threw together some graphs showing the number of exits I’ve been tracking for nearly two years which you can check out here:

    Better graphs could be built from using CollecTor data, and for a longer period.

    On a day to day, or hourly basis, you’ll definitely see exits come and go, but the most prominent ones stay pretty stable.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    Random useful links:

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    Many thanks

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