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    Forgive my newbie-like ignorance.

    I am a new partner in a business which over the years has provided business websites. The original authors of these sites are non-contactable and I now have the situation where a customer has asked for some changes to their website.

    I have established that the site was created with WordPress, however that’s as much as I know.

    What I need to know is, how can I edit this site. On one hand I am told that I cannot use WP to edit an existing site, then someone else has told me I can. I have spoken to our web hosts who have a CPanel program which allows me to add the WP software to the website in question but they say I cannot edit the site, merely wipe it and start again.

    Is there a way to get round this?

    I would be most grateful for any help!

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  • Josh


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    Go to the site and type /wp-login.php after the url.

    This will take you to the login page. However, that’s pretty useless if you don’t know the login information.

    You could also gain access by going to the database… but you would need to know the database login credentials to use this method.

    So, if you have none of the above information… you will probably need to just begin a new site… using a lot of good-‘ole-fashioned copy and paste techniques.

    Thanks Josh, my hosts came up with the solution finally AND I managed to login successfully.

    Thanks again!



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    You bet!

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