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  • Want to start a blog on an existing site. I created a test and it worked for the specific page I listed it to, but what do I need to do to have all the entries go to a particular page as well?

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  • You need to be more specific. So you have a wordpress website and then you want to add a blog to your wordpress website? and have you made a blog yet? You can make a blog with wordpress then be able to link it to your blog in the navigation.

    Right, I have a wordpress website and I want to add a blog. There is a tool on the wp-admin that allows me to create “posts”. When I did that, I thought I was creating a blog. It created a link to that particular post, but not a blog itself.

    Is there a website that could step me through making a blog?

    Nicole Parks


    This is exactly my issue. But I notice there was no response to your question for the past month. How on earth can you get your posts resolved if no one comes back to it?! That’s one thing I really have a problem with concerning There needs to be some kind of notification system saying “NOT RESOLVED”!

    Let me see if I can help.

    WordPress creates two types of “pages”. One is a Page, which is primarily for static information and used for entries which don’t change and don’t really age. Pages like a contact page, about page, T&C page and so on.

    Posts are more dynamic and are for true blogging.

    A series of posts become a blog. When you create a post, you start the blog. By creating the post in your dashboard, you’re creating a blog in the same place as your website – not an external blog such as

    By creating a link to the particular post, wordpress has done exactly what it should do.

    From your comment and the following comment, I get the impression you could do with a little more “how-to” with the basics of WordPress. May I suggest you try YouTube to see what videos you can scare up? Perhaps there are some fundamentals there which will help the pieces fall into place.

    Nicole Parks


    Is there a way to assign different posts to different pages? Or is there only one destination for all posts?

    I have a general navigation menu for my site, but it doesn’t show up on my blog page. Is there a way to customize menus for different pages, or are the menus you create just blanket menus for the entire site? (I ask this because I’d love to have a Members-Only page with members-only content like how-to videos with a special menu of all the members-only posts that only shows up on that page.)

    By the way, thank you so much for responding so promptly!!

    Posts by the above description don’t go to “pages”.

    They’re more fluid and are rather like loose invoices in a filing cabinet. They automatically sequence themselves by date, but can be listed according to category, date, tags and so on. In the same way, you can take an individual invoice and file it by vendor, invoice date, due date and so on.

    Pages are more like pages in a book. They have a clear organisation structure and are only found in a pre-determined sequence. They are not related to pages. You can control the sequence with custom menus or with the “page atrributes” box on the right hand side of the page content.

    By default, WordPress sends blog posts to the front “page” of your site. If you want a static page to be the home page, then use either custom menus or widgets on the side to entice people to your blog.

    As far as the membership aspect goes, that’s typically an external plug-in. I’m not aware of any native membership capability in WordPress. Just google “wordpress membership plugin” or ask around in the forums for people’s experience and recommendations.

    Oops – should have said
    Pages are not related to posts…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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