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    How does this work with an existing site that already has a considerable amount of style changes written into it’s child’s style.css via Appearance/Editor…?

    Does Configurator take over that child, so to speak, and not have a problem if some of the ways it is done in there is not necessarily the way Configurator would have done it, though it causes the desired responses…? Could there bcome conflicts that garble some of what has already been accomplished…?

    And if it is workable, is there a procedure to follow in such a situation, so it works out well…?

    And if later something is added/changed via the Appearance/Editor, will that cause problems…?

    I’m beginning to learn to use Configurator on a new install, but nervous about an existing site…

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    Use the “existing child theme” and select the child theme. Make sure you check “backup.”

    The same parser that reads the parent is used to read the existing child so it will just work.

    If you notice some styles are not being imported correctly, restore the backup and report them here so we can update the parser to account for the errant edge case styles.


    Plugin Author lilaeamedia



    If you are really concerned about messing up the existing child, copy the entire child directory and give it a new name. Then use the Configurator on it and use the “Live Preview” under Appearance > Themes to test it.

    I have a subdirectory test site for the site that is referenced above… It is identical in all respects to the main site, other than a bit of the wording and a couple different images… It has (had) the same identical child css…

    I’ve activated Configurator with the test site’s existing child and had it generate a new child configuration, and as far as I can tell only one thing seems to have been affected…

    When the window is narrowed down to small screen size so the sidebar shifts below and the menu reconfigures, the left margin of the content, though not of the now below sidebar nor of the changed menu/header area, becomes quite wide…

    I’ve used css is to change a lot of the ways margins and padding for the sidebar and content relate to the page, each other, and to the sidebar background… When the theme was recently updated it affected this same margin in this same way,…

    As a result the theme developer gave me some css (particularly relating to moz and webkit, which I know nothing about) to put into the child at the bottom, and some css for screen widths for below that again (other stuff since added)… Configurator has moved a lot of that up and recombined things in different ways… I suspect that is what is causing this…

    I know this may have to do with the theme and how I’ve changed it, and not Configurator, but just in case it might be helpful in developing Configurator I am going to email you a zip of the original css along with Configurator’s version, and links to the front site and the back site so you can see how it changes…

    Otherwise I think I like the way Configurator reorganizes and streamlines things, though it did replace all my notes about what does what, with numbers, leaving me a bit in the dark until I learn some more…

    I wonder how those numbers are useful, what do they reference…? Because there are a lot of changes in there for bbpress, and because the numbers seem to be in an order of their own that includes the bbpress css, I don’t believe they relate to line numbers in original files…?



    Plugin Author lilaeamedia


    The number refers to the sort priority of the selectors in the child theme. By default CTC will put them in the same order as the parent and add any new selectors to the end.

    You can change the order of the selector by setting this number (Query/Selector Tab) for each selector.

    As for media queries, CTC puts the base first, followed by max-width queries in descending order of width, followed by min-width queries in ascending order of width.

    I believe I understand now how to change order the way you point to above, but I’ve compared the two css files, and there is enough difference that I’m not going to be able to sort it out… For instance, this line is totally missing from the Configurator version- @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) -and what was with it is all woven into other places…

    Added is my suspicion that the theme does some things in ways different than what Configurator recognizes or looks for, not to mention all my own css changes done with a whole lot of experimenting…

    I’ve started with another site on a new domain, with Tiberius as the theme, and as I learn my way into that I’ll see how Configurator wants to work for me there… Leave well enough alone with this site…

    Thanks for looking… 🙂

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