• I want to use the “description” metadata from darktable [1] as caption in WordPress.
    In german language there are some characters which are not in ASCII but in Unicode/UTF-8.
    Umlaute: ä ö ü ß -> HTML: ä ö ü ß
    When a developed raw-picture is exported as JPG from darktable, then the “description” metadata is embedded into the exif-data.
    description whithout “umlaute” is written to EXIF ImageDescription field (ascii).
    description WHITH “umlaute” is written to EXIF UserComment field (unicode).

    As written in [2] the UserComment will be imported to wordpress:

    (string) Set to a non-empty value of one of the following fields (see source code for the precise logic involved):

    EXIF UserComment field if [“title”] is unset AND EXIF:ImageDescription is less than 80 characters

    But for pictures with “umlaute” the caption in wordpress stay empty.

    [1] https://docs.darktable.org/usermanual/4.0/en/module-reference/utility-modules/shared/metadata-editor/
    [2] https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_read_image_metadata/#more-information

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    Test from linux-shell on exported JPG:

    $ exiv2 -pa 20230311_0052.jpg | grep Darktable-Test
    Exif.Image.ImageDescription Ascii 28 Darktable-Test Beschreibung

    $ exiv2 -pa 20230311_0067.jpg | grep Darktable-Test
    Exif.Photo.UserComment Undefined 49 Darktable-Test Beschreibung Umlaut äöü

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    With some configuration it is possible to export

    • Xmp.dc.title
    • Xmp.dc.description
    • Xmp.acdsee.notes

    … out of Darktable, but no IPTC-fields.

    Xmp-data cannot be imported? This will be a work-arround, when “Exif.Photo.UserComment Undefined” refuse to load.

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    Sorry, maybe my posts affects the plugin “EXIF Caption” more than “EXIF details”. The caption after import is empty, when description is in EXIF.UserComment.

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