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  • We’re having trouble with our galleries. Everything’s fine except for those photos which contain exif data – at least, I assume it’s exif data, as when the photos are uploaded the title and description fields are autocompleted.

    Those photos still upload fine, and the small versions are created fine – the problem is simply that the gallery displays the full-size large version instead of the thumbnail. So we have a gallery full of thumbnails with one or two huge images.

    We’re running 3.0.1 (recently updated – theme was written for an earlier version), and using the Multiple Galleries plugin. As the site’s live, I can’t deactivate the plugin to see if that fixes the problem, but I have tried reproducing the problem on a testsite, and can’t – with or without the plugin, the testsite gallery works fine.

    Has anyone else come across this problem?

    (The page we found the problem on is here – but you won’t see the problem there at the moment, I’m afraid. We fixed it temporarily by deleting the problem photos and uploading exif-free copies of them.)

    I’m not sure what else you might need to know, so do let me know and I’ll post info asap.

    Many thanks in advance for any help. As this is the website of a guild of photographers, we do need to be able to handle photos with exif!

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  • New development – the problem has spontaneously resolved itself. Is it possible that some temporary change in our environment was causing it? Perhaps our hosting people were upgrading the php or something? Would love to hear any ideas anyone has.

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