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    Anybody know if there’s some code (or perhaps a plugin?) for extracting and displaying EXIF data from the images I post on my WP photoblog? I stumbled across the exif-filter plugin, but I’m uncertain that it’s compatible with the newer versions of WP.

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  • I’ve used the excellent “jhead” by Matthias Wandel with a PHP/XML gallery application which intergrates with Picasa. See for more.

    jhead looks like it might work, and I’ve found a little bit of documentation for it on the net. What’s the best way to use it though? I’m not that great with PHP. Is there a way to use jhead (or any other exif script) by itself with WP, or will I need to integrate with something like Picasa? I guess ideally I’d just like a script I can run and output the EXIF data on my index.php. Is that even possible?

    My host has –enable-exif so I’ve been thinking about wrestling with the idea using php. Don’t know how common the –enable-exif is with other hosts…

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    Hmm. It’s an interesting idea. The questions you need to determine are:
    a) Which pictures would EXIF data be extracted from (pics in posts only, for example),
    b) How would this data be displayed (footer? hover/mouseover? define your own way?).

    PHP has EXIF support in there if your host has it enabled. That’s not a guaranteed thing, of course.

    I posted a couple of request for such a module. Mouse over with a bubble containing the EXIF would be fantastic. Or something that autopopulates the text field of lightbox !

    That would rock !

    Anyone else would like to see that ?


    I checked with my host and, sadly, they don’t have EXIF compiled with PHP on their servers. So it looks like I may be stuck for the time being. I’m wondering if you could do the same thing with javascript, though. Any thoughts on that?

    This gallery integrates “jhead” with PHP to show the exif data for a photo:

    In terms of how it’s actually done, contact the author and see if they’re willing to share.

    Does somebody know how to display EXIF data on a wordpress blog ?
    This topic seems to be resolved, but I don’t see anything that helps me…

    Did you contact those folks above? Were they willing to help you? They’re not using WP but the “jhead” integration with PHP code should be enough to get you started.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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