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  • I have tried to put the
    in the excerpt box, but that wont display the thumbs for the blog preview.

    any ideas?

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  • <!–exhibit:preview_like_single=1–>

    well when i did that it just puts the code into the main body, and since the archive pages default to showing only the excerpt it wont display.

    Im doing this on a friends site. I dont want the whole post of the person to display when they click on the different sections.
    That is why I left the excerpt only display code in there.

    On my site I have it set to show the whole post body.
    But that creates a huge page and I want people to go to the specific post where all the thumbs are displayed.

    Exhibit doesn’t display anything in an excerpt. You might be able to get it to do so, but you’ll have to tinker a little with the Exhibit code.

    Look in the exhibitimg/exhibit10p.php near the top. You’ll find this line:

    add_filter('the_content', 'exhibit_content');

    Try adding a line right under that reading:

    add_filter('the_excerpt', 'exhibit_content');

    That should do the same thing to the excerpts as what is done to the content. Note that I have not actually tried this, but it seems like the logical result.

    wooo hoo
    It works!

    thanks alot man.

    Hey, Owen. On a side note: is there any news on a possible exhibit 2.0 coming out? Do you need any beta testers? I’m really anxious to that have previous/next feature that I discussed with you. 🙂 I’m currently running WP 1.5, and with a minor change to the exhibit code, 1.1d is running fine.

    What I want to do before 2.0 gets off of my desktop is put up a bug database. I’m kind of hesitant about using wp-plugins at this point because I can’t figure out how to get Tortoise SVN to checkout two projects to one working directory. Yeah, maybe I should just use two working directories, but I’ve already got WordPress installed so many times on this system it’s crazy…

    Sorry if that’s all greek.

    Anyhow, 2.0 is WP1.5-only. 1.1 will stay around for the 1.2.x’ers. There are too many good plugin hooks in 1.5 to have to back-port.

    This post is also not a promise that the 2.0 code will ever see release. I’ve got a billion projects going on right now, some WordPress, some not. The OSA project (augmented spam filtering for WP1.5 with p2p spam wordlists) is pretty high on my priority list right now. I want people to test the GeoPlugin, which is a replacement for the Geo features that you lose when you upgrade from 1.2-1.5. I’m considering a small plugin for FFAF this month that limits user posting to certain categories based on their user level. I’ve got this other crazy project that’s like a micro web server that you run on your desktop to enable file-sharing. I just got a contract offer yesterday (for $$) to maintain a site that I might actually decline so that I can finish all of this crap and clear my mind of it. And every time I stop by the forums I end up reading/replying for hours instead of doing actual coding… Gah!

    Busy busy.

    But yeah, I’ll take on testers as soon as I get some of the technical bits (like, how to version control/distribute the plugin) taken care of.

    I just installed Exhibit. How do I create thumbnails?

    it should create the thumbs for you and put them in your posts

    just play around with it some more and you should figure it out.
    all the little icons have a function.

    if you have any more questions you can hit me up on aim

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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