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  • I’m trying to install the Exhibit 1.1d (asy) plugin [ identified as 1.1b in the plugins screen] with WP 1.5.1-alpha.

    Immediately on activation I get:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_currentuserinfo() in /www/virtual/username/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/exhibit10.php on line 205

    Any suggestions greatfully received.

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  • Point 1. Alpha?

    Point 2. get_currentuserinfo() is a basic WordPress function, so I’m not sure why Exhibit should fail to call it.

    Make sure you have wp-includes/functions.php, which is where get_currentuserinfo() resides in the core. I’d find it difficult to believe you don’t have that file or the function within it, since a lot more than the plugin would be having problems, but still…

    Dug a bit, and it looks like get_currentuserinfo() moved to pluggable-functions.php in 1.5.1 (Alpha…). This may, or may not, be the cause of the error.

    I remember having issues with get_currentuserinfo() in early alphas. Maybe try upgrading to the latest..

    I’m using the 1.5.1-Alpha version of WP that Dr Dave packaged for Spam Karma 2.

    No other obvious problems.

    I can see get_currentuserinfo () in pluggable-functions.php, but whether it is faulty or not is beyond my ability to assess.

    Where can I find a newer version?

    OK, I joined wp-testers, downloaded the latest nightly and replaced pluggable-functions.php, and it made no difference.

    I couldn’t possibly do without SK2, so perhaps I just have to accept Exhibit isn’t compatible with the latest WP versions.

    Moderator Scott Reilly


    WordPress & Plugin Developer

    get_currentuserinfo() is a replacable function, hence its inclusion in the pluggable-functions.php file. As such, the function needs to load AFTER all the plugins have been loaded (unlike in pre-1.5.1 versions where it got loaded BEFORE plugins).

    What this means for plugins is that you can’t call on get_currentuserinfo() in global space. I haven’t taken a look at the code for Exhibit, but that is my guess as to what it’s doing and why it’s now a problem.

    It’s very likely other plugins will be likewise affected.

    I got the same problem. Here’s what I did to fix it:

    Right before the call to get_currentuserinfo() in the exhibit10.php plugin file I added this:

    $incfile = 'wp-includes/pluggable-functions.php';
    $incfile = '../' . $incfile;
    if($c==30) {
    echo "Could not find pluggable-functions.php.";

    Now it works. Yep, its dirty and its hacky but I am too busy to deal with clean fixeds 😉

    Your hack works for me too Kinkistyle, thanks heaps!

    Worked here too. Thanks a lot ‘kinkistyle’!


    It worked for me too. Thanks Kinki.

    I emailed Owen to notify him about this thread.

    Awesome! This fix worked for me too!



    yay – you rock – all sorted for me too.

    Why have it not yet been fixed? The hack worked for me too.

    The clean fix would be to take the portion of the code making the call and wrapper it in a function, and do add_action('init', 'thefunction') as explained in the Plugin Development documenation at the codex.

    this fix isnt working for me.. im getting the following error:

    Could not find pluggable-functions.php.

    any ideas?

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