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  • Can anyone tell me why IE has to suck so badly… Aye caramba…
    Exhibit 1.1d is available.

    • Fixed preview selection problem.
    • Fixed client-side display of added images.
    • The code that Exhibit inserts into the post body when clicking on an image in the list is now configurable.
    • Added button to file-picker to add full-sized image tag to post body.
    • Added uber-popup code – Allows visitor to click through all images attached to the post without closing the popup.

    If you’re trying to do something in Exhibit and you think it should work but it doesn’t, please try it with FireFox before you report it so that I know whether to look at javascript or PHP. Please?

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  • Where exactly does this error appear?
    My hypothesis is that for whatever reason, PHP can set $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] on Windows, but can’t set $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] on Linux. And that is really stupid, and could possibly explain this problem.
    It would be nice to see a phpinfo() output from your server to confirm this. Create a file (phpinfo.php) and in it put this code:
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    Save it and upload it to your server. Tell me where I can access it through the web. Email: ringmaster [at] midnightcircus [dot] com

    Some parts of the Exhibit interface worked without re-saving the post. Making all of it work without saving the post became a goal.
    When you click the Preview checkbox, the file picker “reloads”. During this reload, it tells Exhibit that you un/checked the box and adjusts the database accordingly. This sort of thing happens when you remove images from the post and when you change the image order, keeping what you see on the screen in sync with what’s in the database.
    The only change you make in Exhibit that you need to click Save for now is if you edit an image caption. I may soon make that a thing of the past, too.
    The advantage is that you don’t have to click Save a bunch of times to adjust these settings. Maybe it’s trivial, but it annoyed me, so I “fixed” it – perhaps at great cost to my mental health, if today’s monitor-focused profanity is any indication.
    The new version also automatically adds the sorting field when you first hit the edit page. Maybe I should have it do that with the whole table on the first install. There’s a good idea. Keep ’em coming.
    Those pics of your brother(?) on the beach are pretty nice. The water there is so clear. The beaches near here (NJ) are… “not so nice” is a polite way to say it. But it’s what we’ve got and it’s usually needle-free, so. 🙂

    Everything seems fine. However, when I tried to read and/or comment on other posts (in other category), the following appear above the content:
    Warning: array_chunk() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/(…)/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/exhibitimg/exhibit10p.php on line 475
    What’s wrong? I did not do anything to the exhibit10p.php file!

    It looks like you have warning errors turned on in your php.ini. That’s fine, but you might get more warning messages (like this one) than you like.
    On the line in question, just add an @ symbol, like so:
    $imagechunks = @array_chunk($images, $exc->paginate_thumbs);
    That could possibly quiet the warning. You could also try changing your php.ini to ignore warnings like these, which is a good idea on a production server, anyway.
    Still, I tried to reproduce this, and I couldn’t. A link to the offending page would be useful.

    “Added uber-popup code – Allows visitor to click through all images attached to the post without closing the popup” <– this sounds pretty cool, how do I activate it? I installed version 1.1d and the pop-up looks the same as in 1.1c.

    Go to your config file and change uber_popup=false to uber_popup=true. Or add it if it’s not there.

    The warning disappeared after adding the “@”.
    Thank you very much~~happy happy

    “Added uber-popup code – Allows visitor to click through all images attached to the post without closing the popup”
    How can I change the disign of the navigation in the popup?

    1.1d seems to work great now, I grabbed it last night off your site since I couldn’t sleep <sigh>.
    One last ?bug? that has been a minor annoyance that probably has a simple solution: The code builds a frame around the picture to enclose the pictures title. It seems when the pictures are displayed on an included page they build rows of pictures, adding them from right to left. The issue is if the row above has pictures that have a height that is inconsistant, the row below can be interupted. For example, in a 3 x 3 grid of photos, if in row one the middle picture extends below the picture on its right, then in row two, the right most picture will align properly, but the middle picture will be blocked and will wrap to begin a row three. You can display this symptom here
    By adjusting your browser window you can show this issue.
    The work around is your new arrow/move feature, where I can adjust the picture sequence to minimize this wrapping.
    I have played with the exibit.css and this does not resolve the issue. Your site shows a consistant frame size around all pictures, so you don’t have this issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Great code, Thanks.

    Nevermind…I forgot to chmod the directory
    *puts down-syndrome protective helmet back on for safety’s sake*

    The uber-popup is experimental. That’s my excuse for not providing CSS support for your editing of the uber-popup page format. If you are savvy, you can edit exhibit10f.php – it’s the last function in the file.
    Edit your exhibit.css and set height:whatever; in addition towidth:whatever; in the .ex_thumb class. You can otherwise tweak it to your liking. I think mine centers the image inside the div, too.
    You could also set break_every_thumb in the config file to, say, 3, which would force a clearing break between images after every 3 images. But if you do this, you’ll may have to change this setting again in the future if you change the layout of your site. That’s why it’s not a default, FYI.
    Mild coronary averted by your followup post.

    Adding height and align text center entries solved it nicely. Breaks were not required. Many thanks.

    Ringmaster, i’m running the latest version 1.1d. Can you please clarify the purpose\usefullness of the “rebuild thumbnails” feature? When would it be useful to run it. Also, If I run it, it takes my watermarked images and creates thumbnails that have watermarks on them. Initial thumbnails don’t have watermarks. Is this normal, or a bug?
    Another thing, I have my WordPress admin window configured to a static width. A width that is not compatible with Exhibit’s edit area sizes. Look at the image to see what I mean:
    What do I change, and where, to adjust the width of these areas? Is this in a CSS or something?

    Thank you RM. One more question:
    How can I control the size of the “full size” pop up? because the full size of my photos is way too big (but I would like to reserve it). How I can make the pop up start to be scrollable when the size of the photo is exceeding e.g 600px*400px?

    The rebuild thumbnails link is useful when your thumbnails were created previously at a different size than what you currently want to use.
    When you rebuild a thumbnail, it uses the current full-sized image to build the thumbnail from. Unlike other gallery scripts that keep an untouched copy of the original, Exhibit only keeps one full-sized and one thumbnail image. (For better or worse.) If you apply a watermark to the full-sized images, and then you rebuild the thumbnails, well… You get watermarked thumbnails.
    My advice is not to rebuild the thumbnails unless you really need to, or don’t use the watermark feature. I figure that you’ll be rebuilding thumbnails so infrequently that it won’t be an issue, but what do I know? 🙂
    Regarding the Exhibit edit areas: That’s a toughie. Both of these boxes us inline styles. (Yeah, yeah, bad Owen…) Look in exhibit10i.php. Line 361 is the current images div, called ‘ex_image_scroll’. You’ll see the width parameter there, and you can change it.
    The div that contains the file picker is just below that on line 407. It has no ID. You’ll see a similar style setting on that tag.
    Good luck.
    What’s with the difficult questions today, guys? 🙂
    What you ask for is a bit of custom script that would take me a while to come up with. If you’re into doing it yourself, you should look at the javascript function exh_popImage() on line 269 of exhibit10p.php.
    You’ll need to add script to detect whether the size of the image is larger than the maximum you allow, and then set the property of the body tag so that it either scrolls or doesn’t based on that test. You’ll probably need to detect whether the browser that the visitor is using supports the commands you’re using for sizing, too – or maybe not. And the way the current function is written, you’ll have to write all of those commands out as a script block from inside the javascript function.
    Daunted yet? No? Good. When you’re done, I’ll see about incorporating your changes. 🙂
    Of course, you could always use the setting that downsamples your original image when you upload it, so that it’s only ever so big when Exhibit displays it. Save yourself the server space, the download time, and the mild annoyance of scrolling.
    Is there a big demand for keeping the originals for a “third tier” of images? I’m not making any promises at this point, but I’m curious what you all think.

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