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  • Some fixes. Possibly mentioned in a prior thread.

    • Watermarks – Watermark can be applied when an image is added to a post
    • Thumbnails can paginate starting on the first page of a post
    • You can configure Exhibit to check the preview box for every image when it is added to a post
    • Thumbnails and preview images can now have a title attribute (tooltip) with the specified image caption.
    • Exhibit can insert a break after a certain count of thumbnails or preview images to improve your formatting

    Download, as always, here.
    Test with impunity and godspeed. Or something.

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  • Not to open another can of worms, but is there any way to preserve some sort of order when adding files? I add them in a certain order and they get renumbered by Exhibit (I’m guessing something to do with the ID in MySQL). How does this work?

    Open exhibit10f.php in the exhibitimg directory and delete “as last_insert_id” wherever you see it. Save it and try again.
    Hmm. I’ll need to patch this one. An update should be available soon that adresses this.

    Love the plug-in!
    I do notice on any new installs (a bunch of friends want me to set it up), under the images folder, I have to create one folder manually, and chmod it 644 before Exhibit will let me add folders. No big deal.
    2nd, I cannot get watermarks to work. The exhibit10.cfg is in the exhibitimg folder, is that the proper place? I think so. I’ve uloaded a custom .png file (named the same as the example one), then set the config to say =ex_watermark.png
    No dice. No biggie, but still would be cool.
    3rd. Sometimes I add 5 or 6 images, then I decide I want to reorder them. If possible, in the future could you add a little up and down arrow ro re-order without having to delete, then re-add. If no, another ‘No Biggie’. I simply love the plugin. I especially enjoy that the new verison did not require me to edit anything. Just activate the plug in, then click to create the database.. I also upgraded from the 1.0c, and it was flawless.

    Here’s a small bug: the admin page gives a javascript error if the caption of any of the selected images has a single-quote in it.

    Thanks for the last_insert_id tip. It works fine now! BTW, is there anyway I can disable the dynamic loading of thumbnail when the mouse is hovered over the image icons. I find it a bit annoying 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

    [Suggestion] It would be great to have a checkboxed list to select multiple images rather than (or besides) adding one image at a time to the post. The same may apply to the delete function.

    [Suggestion] If you can please add the “exhibit:preview_class=” tag to the list of post config tags (i.e. the post config dropdown).

    Another suggestion: It would be great to have the possibility to browse to the next picture from the pop-up. This way you do not need to close it and go back to the blog to open the next picture. Exhibit is really GREAT!!!

    Yet another suggestion :)) photo e-cards!!!

    If you can please add the “exhibit:preview_class=” tag to the list of post config tags (i.e. the post config dropdown).

    All of the options that appear in the post config dropdown are listed at the bottom of your exhibit10.cfg file. You can add anything you want there, including the preview_class entry. Just add a line like this to the end (actually anywhere) of the config file:
    My Preview Class:preview_class=classname

    is there anyway I can disable the dynamic loading of thumbnail when the mouse is hovered over the image icons.

    There isn’t a config option for this, but…
    In the file exhibit10f.php, there is a blank line around line 165 in the javascript function hangnail(). Instead of a blank line, put:
    That should prevent the thumbnails from popping up on mouseover. But man, that’s one of my favorite features. 😉
    I wish I knew what your watermark issue might be. If I had better access to your server, I might be able to say, but without some hands-on debugging, it’s pretty difficult. If you really want to get into it, email me: ringmaster [at] midnightcircus [dot] com
    Apart from the above, I’ve read your suggestions, and I’ll see what I can do for the next version.

    A single quote or double quote in the image caption throws JavaScript errors when the page is displayed.

    That should prevent the thumbnails from popping up on mouseover. But man, that’s one of my favorite features. 😉
    I would have loved it too, if the dynamic images would scroll down when the image frame is scrolled. What sense would it make to display the image thumbnail (hover) when the image list has 50 thumbnails and due to scrolling the thumbnail preview sticks to the top and is not shown at all times. Just my personal opinion.

    Is there a way to make an icon next to the images in the directory structure, like the “add to post”, “rotate”, and “delete” icons, that you can click, and it will insert an image tag for the full size image or thumb into your post?
    I know that you can do this by clicking the thumbs next to the list of images that you have added to your post. The problem is, I may not want to have a list of thumbs at the bottom of my post, which happens by default.
    The way that I have been accomplishing this is by adding an image to the post, saving and continuing, clicking the thumb next to the image, thus creating an image tag in the post that links to the thumb, removing the “/t” in the directory path, so that the image tag links to the full size image, checking the “remove” box next to the image in the list, then saving and continuing. That way I have the img tag, and there won’t be a list of thumbs at the bottom.
    This accomplishes what I want to do, but it’s more of a workaround. I’m fine if I have to stick with this method. I just thought I would bring it up as a possible way to improve the functionality of your plugin. This would expand the plugin, so that it worked not only as a gallery, but also as a simple image manager.
    Thanks, man. 🙂

    oops. That was me directly above.

    Dude, I thought I had shaken off you and your crazy feature requests. 🙂
    I’ll see what I can do.
    @other Anon:
    Please log in!
    I don’t follow you exactly. From what you say, I think that your display isn’t working how my display works.
    When I mouse-over the buttons in the file picker, the thumbnail appears in the top-right corner of the picker window, regardless of where I am scrolled to or what image I pick. When I mouse-off, the thumbnail goes away. Is this not the behavior on your system?
    Actually, thinking about it, this may be a browser issue. In FireFox, it moves with the scrolling. In IE, I thought I might have disabled the feature entirely because it wasn’t working exactly how I wanted it. I remember humorously considering leaving it in there to annoy IE users into switching to FireFox, but I don’t remember doing that for real.
    Of course, right now I’m very lazy and don’t feel like waiting the 35 minutes it takes for IE to open on this system.
    Yes, yes… Fix Javascript errors… Stinking quotes…

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