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  • Some fixes. Possibly mentioned in a prior thread.

    • Watermarks – Watermark can be applied when an image is added to a post
    • Thumbnails can paginate starting on the first page of a post
    • You can configure Exhibit to check the preview box for every image when it is added to a post
    • Thumbnails and preview images can now have a title attribute (tooltip) with the specified image caption.
    • Exhibit can insert a break after a certain count of thumbnails or preview images to improve your formatting

    Download, as always, here.
    Test with impunity and godspeed. Or something.

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  • So if I install this, and leave my original .cfg file and exhibit.css file in tact, it will work fine? Nothing new has been added to the .cfg or exhibit.css file?

    Oh, there is new stuff in the config file (not sure about the CSS file), but if you don’t change them it’ll work just fine with your old one.
    The defaults that Exhibit uses without the new config settings behave as the prior version did.
    But most of the new settings are stuff you asked suggested… 🙂

    and what about the css file?

    I think there is one change in the CSS regarding the (grumble… make me look it up…) change of exhibit_thumbs from an #id to a .class. You should see it clearly marked in the CSS file. If you don’t use preview_like_single it won’t matter, and if you do, you may have already changed it.

    That’s weird. Watermarks work well on my site (click thumbnail to pop up watermarked photo). Note that watermarks are only applied to photos when they are first added to a post. Subsequent additions of the same photo to not reapply the watermark.
    What other features were you looking for? All of the stuff I mentioned above is enabled by config option, and not on by default for upgrade compatibility reasons.

    RM, this isn’t really directly related to your plugin, but perhaps you know the answer.
    I have an expandable style, meaning the width of the content area is based upon a percentage of the width of the window. Is there a way to keep the content area from getting any smaller than the image? On smaller monitors, full size images (600px width) hang off the right side of the content area and get under the menu on the left side. Any suggestions?

    Is there any way in exhibit to make 1 preview image appear to the right/left of the post with the same size as the thumbnail.
    Like how google news adds the thumbnails. Most news sites do it that way too:
    Thanks for a great plugin.

    Nevermind, RM. Someone else helped me with the problem in a different thread.

    Yes, it’s pretty much the default settings. You need to look at your CSS file and put a float:left/right into the preview style. You can look at the source of my personal site for an example:

    Maybe something like this?
    .ex_thumb_preview {
    float:right; /*or: float:left; */
    .ex_thumb_preview img {

    Only mark one of the images in your post as the preview image and only one image will appear in the preview of the post.

    Anyway to get it to line up vertically with the title (heading) like does it? The excerpts for the posts are usually very short leaving the image to hang down.

    Off the top of my head, you could try setting the CSS for the preview to relative positioning. Something like:

    I make no guarantees on that.
    The thing is that the title is being rendered by a tag in your index.php file, not within the storycontent div, so Exhibit can’t control a preview’s layout relative to the title very directly.
    You might try changing clear_post=true in your config file, too, which will keep the image from dipping down into the next post. Or you could just write some more. 🙂

    I’m getting this error when I click my rss link:
    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Line Number 27, Column 24: <div class=”ex_clear”> </div>
    “ex_clear” is coming from exhibit. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug that needs to be fixed in exhibit? Or should we not expect to be able to output valid rss when running exhibit?

    Symantix, something is wrong with your feed construction. Exhibit isn’t applied to the RSS output of a feed. The hooks that apply it to the RSS output aren’t hooked. Perhaps some other plugin you’re using is applying the_content filters to the_excerpt_rss? For instance, my site uses Exhibit and does not produce an invalid feed. The exhibit tags simply do not appear in the feed text.
    Ville, I used the thumbs_at_top on this post by inserting it at the top of the post. As you can see, it works fine. Maybe some other settings in your config file are causing this anomaly? Maybe some CSS oddity? What you’re describing certainly isn’t the way it’s supposed to work, and it’s not the way it’s working for me. Seeing the site in question might be helpful.

    Just loaded this to try the updates out. I haven’t fully explored everything that’s been added, but what I’ve found has been cool.
    I noticed you changed the license from Creative Commons to the MIT? Was there anything in particular that prompted the change?
    Anyhow. Nice plug-in. I’ll comment more when I’ve play with it a bit.
    Thanks for making it available.

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