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  • Exhibit 1.1 is a huge step forward in terms of admin UI.
    1.1 adds image upload/delete, directory creation/deletion, zip-file upload extraction, individual thumbnail creation, optional user-based image directories, and no post edit page reloads. I’ve fixed a bunch of stuff, too, including some umask/chmod stuff (crosses fingers), the annoying untiled floating issue, and the images appearing under the sidebar in IE.
    Everything validates as valid XHTML, both on the published side and the admin side, and all of the features of Exhibit that you’ve come to cherish remain in there.
    I moved the installation instructions into a new readme file that should explain enough to get you going. Feel free to ask questions here, though I’ll be gone over the weekend on a trip to D.C. (Darn, no Philly WP meetup for me. 🙁 )

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  • Another suggestion:
    In addition to having the “show_thumbs_at_bottom” tag, is there a way to have a tag like “show_thumbs_here”, so that you can put a series of thumbs in the middle of a post? That way, you can start a narrative, have some pictures for the reader to look at, and then make a few closing statements.
    Here is an even more difficult challenge, but it definitely would be neat. What if you could have a select set of thumbs embedded at one point in the post, have some text, and then another set of a few thumbs, so that you could narrate and show thumbs, or full size pictures for that matter, here and there, as you went along. I know that’s complex, but I think it’s definitely within the scope of sending your most excellent plugin to a whole new plane.

    Just click on the image in the image list and that will insert the thumbnail into your post with an appropriate link.
    If you put < !--nothumbs--> in your post text, Exhibit won’t display the thumbnails like it usually does.
    In 1.1b, you can put < !--exhibit-thumbs:2-6--> in your post to display only thumbnails 2 through 6 in that spot. The indices are the order in which the thumbnails appear on the editing page. This works regardless of the nothumbs setting above.
    I’m reluctant to reveal these features because they’re esoteric and I’m not sure how well they work with the rest of the system. For example, if you turn on paginated thumbnails and try this stuff, I’m not sure what will happen.
    All of the comments in this post have no spaces in them, but I posted them with spaces because this forum won’t otherwise display comments. Feel as though you’ve been warned.
    How many more features until I’m done, do you think? Four? Eh??

    not sure if it because my server hasnt got that ML plugin thing (or even IF it has) but on my Mac in Safari, IE and Firefox – If i click on the thumbnail next to a pic, nothing happens – no pic in the left hand list.
    Also clicking on a folder icon, im prompted if i want thumbnails, I click yes and nothing…
    any ideas?

    @ somefool
    click “save and continue editing”, they should then appear in the left hand list. That’s how it works.

    Macs are weird beasts. I would like to tell you that I wish I could test on Mac, but the truth is that I’m glad I don’t have another platform on which to test this. If by serendipity the script works on a platform that’s not Windows, then Yay! If not, there’s not much I can do personally and I’d like to take this moment to remind you that there are no warranties or refunds.
    The problem here is that Exhibit uses W3C-compliant DOM scripts to add the images to the image list in the browser. If the Mac browsers don’t comply, they don’t work. If you have javascript turned off (what conceivable benefit does this have??), they don’t work.
    Since Exhibit does the database work on the iframe reload, you can reload the whole post editing page via the Save and Continue button (as Symantix suggests) and the images should appear. But I can tell you that the next major release of Exhibit will use javascript for removing images and setting the preview images, and then things might go farther south for you than they are now.
    If you have a painless fix for Mac browsers, I’m happy to integrate it. It would be helpful to see what the javascript console says when you click on a photo icon. Otherwise, we’ve come to an impass. If it’s a big deal, the old versions of Exhibit don’t use (much) javascript, and they’re available on the site. They also have significantly less functionality.
    Photo reordering is not going to happen in this release. Sorry. I draw the line there. That’s a database upgrade, and I’ve got a slew of script to write to make that happen. In fact…
    I wrote this crazy thing that updates database tables based on a query stored in a string. So you basically write out your DDL query in a string, and this routine parses it, compares it to your exisiting table (if any) and makes the required changes to bring it up to speed.
    That said, that code is yet in a different project, and I’ve really got to do some work-work or I’ll be working on WordPress fulltime, if you know what I mean. And while more time for Exhibit seems good to you, it’s not so much.

    @symantix – that works, cheers.
    @ringmaster – well it works anyway cheers, just a bit confusing. If you need something tested on a mac, Ill be happy to give it a try if i can.

    Hi –
    Excuse my ignorance but what is this GD package? Is that short for a longer name? I want to be sure I have it installed on my box.
    Thanks –
    PS: The whole thing works great on my Macs.

    If the script works, then GD is installed. It can’t work without it. I’m not sure what GD stands for, though.

    Check it out: Radiated reindeer meat only $9.95!
    More on GD here and here.

    Simple question: how do i get rid of the “View more” link next to the thumbnails?
    And the plugin is awesome, thanks. Just a thought: i think the need for some documentation is arising, perhaps someone with a bit of experience could volunteer to write basic instructions.

    never mind, i just found it.

    The error doesn’t give any more details than that?
    Is the file you uploaded a JPEG? Are you sure?

    That’s pretty odd. No JPEG support in GD? Sorry, dude, I’m not an expert at recompiling PHP with GD. It’s the only explanation I can give as to why this function isn’t working.

    hello, I see the nice little interface and all that, but I haven’t been able to get the thumbnails to generate. I click Rebuild All Thumbnails, the page refreshes, and nothing happens. The directory is writable by apache, so thats not a problem. I installed GD 1.3 (GD2 wasn’t compiling), and here is the GD info from phpinfo()
    GD Support enabled
    GD Version between 1.3 and 1.6.1
    GIF Read Support enabled
    GIF Create Support enabled
    Any ideas on why i can’t generate the thumbnails?

    The functions that Exhibit uses are GD 2.0 functions. The telltale sign is that GD 2.0 doesn’t (yet!) have GIF support.
    There might be a way to change the GD functions to support your version of GD (which, if I’m right, would involve changing the code to use non true-color functions), but it might be easier on me for you to upgrade your PHP to the one that comes with built-in GD. If you understand my POV… 🙂

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