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  • Exhibit 1.1 is a huge step forward in terms of admin UI.
    1.1 adds image upload/delete, directory creation/deletion, zip-file upload extraction, individual thumbnail creation, optional user-based image directories, and no post edit page reloads. I’ve fixed a bunch of stuff, too, including some umask/chmod stuff (crosses fingers), the annoying untiled floating issue, and the images appearing under the sidebar in IE.
    Everything validates as valid XHTML, both on the published side and the admin side, and all of the features of Exhibit that you’ve come to cherish remain in there.
    I moved the installation instructions into a new readme file that should explain enough to get you going. Feel free to ask questions here, though I’ll be gone over the weekend on a trip to D.C. (Darn, no Philly WP meetup for me. 🙁 )

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  • Well, drat…
    It seems that Exhibit 1.1 works only on WordPress 1.3 since it requires the admin_footer hook. There’s an interesting development.
    I’ll see if I can get it back into 1.2…

    What? I just got it working on my 1.2… (?)

    The publish part will work fine in 1.2 without changes, but you won’t get an Exhibit interface in the admin pages without them.

    One thing. There is no longer the option put images from an entire directory into a post; it appears that you now have to click them one by one. At least that’s what I am seeing; the button to grab all the images in a directory appears to be gone. Is that what you intended?

    do_action(‘wp_header’, ”);
    I’m not seeing that line anywhere, nor even the “do_action” part, anywhere in admin-functions.php

    <?php do_action(‘admin_footer’, ”); ?>
    this line is already in admin-footer.php, just above the </body> tag.

    So how do I know if the hooks are working? What am I looking for in the admin area?

    Also, you need to rename “exhibit_delete.GIF” to “exhibit_delete.gif”, because that is the name of the file that the code is looking for in the publishing interface.

    Also, what happened to the “resample thumbnails” link? Or the “make thumbs” link? I could see the possibility of the “make thumbs” being automated, but the “resample” link is still necessary, imo, in case you decide to change the max thumb size in the .cfg file.

    All the little icons do something. Click on them. Even the folders.

    I see. I figured out how to add all images in a directory. But what about making and rebuilding thumbnails? I still don’t see where that is.
    Also, is there any way to make the thumbnails in a single post look like they do as a series of previews on the front page? I love that “show preview post like single post” tag, but I like the way that thumbnails are displayed inline on the front page, as small icons in one box, and that’s lost when that tag is used. Any way to re-format the thumbnails so that they look the same as a sequence of previews?

    Nevermind on the second part…I’m figuring out the css slowly.
    As for the making and rebuilding of thumbnails, I’m not even sure if it’s necessary anymore, but I still don’t see where to do it, and your instructions seem to indicate that the link is somewhere in the publishing interface.

    i have just installed exhibit 1.1 and encountered problem after activating it. whenever i click any link on the admin page i always got this error message:
    Warning: main() [function.main]: Unable to access exhibitimg/exhibit10i.php in /home/www/htdocs/ on line 179
    Warning: main(exhibitimg/exhibit10i.php) [function.main]: failed to create stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/htdocs/ on line 179
    Fatal error: main() [function.main]: Failed opening required ‘exhibitimg/exhibit10i.php’ (include_path=”) in /home/www/htdocs/ on line 179
    i have tried to edit it like it is said above but couldn’t find the line as well. can you please help me solve this problem?

    i solved the problem by changing the path from:
    // File was executed in admin or plugin
    thanks and sorry as well

    i got a problem too 😉
    at you can see a gallery in the 2nd posting. but the gallery its a bit to wide. how can put the last 6 pics on a new row?

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