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  • My Exhibit photo gallery plugin for WordPress has reached version 1.0c!
    New features:

    • Image upload
    • Directory creation
    • Paginated thumbnails
    • Add single images
    • Resample uploaded full-sized images

    It retains features of the prior versions, including:

    • Automatic thumbnail creation
    • Popup full-sized images
    • Per-post override display settings
    • Other good stuff

    Download here.
    Sample site here.

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  • oh, it’s a great plugin, but I can’t find the upload/create dir stuff? am I stupid & tired? 😀

    Is there a way to have sub-directories created automatically for each author? Then restrict the dir view to the authors own directory?

    lstelie: The thumbnail issue has to do with the exhibit.css file. Copy the css file from your public blog to your test blog and the previews should look the same.
    mufflonen The upload and create stuff is in the right-side div that contains the files with little pictures. You must have a user level high enough to have upload permissions in order to see the upload/create links. This is set somewhere in the main WP Options, and usually applies to the default WP Upload page.
    Be sure that your chmod permissions have a 0 in front of them if they’re octal. The problem with chmod settings is that I can’t test them because I do not have access to a Linux server on which I can run this. Is it possible that they need to be in text? Like ‘0664’?
    The server’s ability or inability to create the directories and files is undoubtably related to the server’s/your permissions on the image directory.
    Anonymous: There is not currently a way to create and restrict user directories like this. It’s a good idea, though.

    Ok. I’m a blog NEWBIE. I have WP installed on my server (Fuitadnet/Fantastico did it). How do I add this Hack? Is there any instructions posted how to add this to WordPress? I downloaded 1.0c and no help file. Do I just upload these files?

    For restricting upload directories I’ve tried creating a directory for each registered user’s nick name and changing the imagedir variable in the exhibit10.cfg file to imagedir = the_author_nickname(), but that doesn’t seem to want to work. Any suggestions for a similar quick little hack?

    After installing this release of Exhibit I have a problem that continues… Whne I click the links: [Create Directory], [Upload], or [rebuild all] I get in return a Not Found error in the window. Looking closer I noticed that the path to the exhibit10.php file was wrong in the link that was created by Exhibit. I was bummed.
    The fix?
    Replace all references of ‘SCRIPT_NAME’ with ‘SCRIPT_URL’ in the file exhibit10.php. All seems to be working like it shoudl now.
    BTW – Groovy program!

    I should really include some instructions in the install of this thing somewhere very clear. I think at the top of every file in the archive it says “look at exhibit10.php for instructions”. Maybe I missed a file. Anyhow…
    Installation Instructions
    Look in exhibit10.php in the archive for installation instructions. Do not simply drop all of these files into your plugin directory.
    chad: Nice try. That sort of thing probably won’t work until next revision. When the page that reads the directory executes, it does not have access to the standard WordPress variables.
    Anonymous: Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize this would be a problem. I can include a check for this in the next release. IIS and my copy of Apache don’t omit SCRIPT_NAME. What server are you using?

    I found the solution for the problem with “create dir/upload” didn’t show up – I had image upload permissions set to 10 and I my user (I’m admin) was a ten – but when I changed permission for uploading to 9 (that is, one below my level), it worked! great – except for the chmod stuff 🙂
    the chmod thing doesn’t work with neither 0664 or 664 but I’ll try a little bit more…

    ok, i installed it, can upload pictures, they even appear on the right side of the exhibit box in “advanced editing” – but i can neither create thumbs (pressing the link just does nothing) nor can i add the directory to the left side of the box.
    the webserver’s error log doesn’t spit out anything when pressing “Add current directory”.
    all this with 1.0c and the wordpress mingus from sourceforge, virgin installation..

    perler: You might not have appropriate permissions on the web server so that you can create files in your image directory.
    It also sounds like there’s some kind of browser issue here. Usually Exhibit reports an error of some kind when something doesn’t work. What exactly happens when you click the Add Directory button? Does the page reload? If there are no thumbnails for the images in the selected directory (thumbnails must be in a subdirectory “t” of that directory, or named “thumb-filename.jpg” in the same directory) Exhibit will add no images – this is expected. You must have thumbnails already.
    My suggestion is to use FTP to create a “t” directory with thumbnails of a couple of the images to see if that works. Be sure that your server has GD installed for PHP, which is a requirement for automatically making thumbnails.
    Sorry if this is a lot of info, but hopefully it gives you something to try. 🙂

    ok, the thumbs problem i solved by creating a directory “t” by hand..
    afterwards, strangely, the “add current directory” worked too (maybe it was a permission thing although i set all files to “.apacheuser” and chmodded it to g+w)
    what i missed was, that i can click onto the small picture icons on to the left of the filename. maybe you should put a around them, so that the cursor changes to the usual “hand”..
    thanks for your help,

    lstelie: The thumbnail issue has to do with the exhibit.css file. Copy the css file from your public blog to your test blog and the previews should look the same.
    I’m stupid I didn’t check the css file.
    Last one has a lot of commented lines, is there specific reason for that ?

    No, they’re not of great significance. Uncommenting and using them instead of any that are there already would certainly provide a different appearance for the images.

    I managed to get this installed. I try and upload a file, and it uploads no problem, but… There’s always a but, when it starts to do the thumbnail stuff, I get errors. Then when I FTP in, I can’t delete the T folder, or the parent folder…. My wordpress is in my root folder if this makes a difference. Here’s a sample of the first two errors (many many more).
    kr8.gif uploaded successfully, 54k bytes.
    Warning: imagecreatefromjpeg(): gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: in /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/exhibit10.php on line 1489
    Warning: imagecreatefromjpeg(): ‘/home/droiddep/public_html/images/engine/kr8.gif’ is not a valid JPEG file in /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/exhibit10.php on line 1489

    How can I have preview image(s) display as large thumbnails for one post, and as horizontal list of smaller thumbnails for other posts? Just like on the demo site.
    Thanks and good work, as usual 🙂

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