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  • I’ve made a few updates to the Exhibit code for 1.0b, which is now available online here.
    You can see some of the simple stuff Exhibit does here.
    Some of the features from my compiled list are now complete, but I’ve decided to save image uploading for a new plugin, since the code is pretty weighty already and uploading has little to do with content display. And many people were waiting for some of this stuff, so I thought I’d throw you a bone.
    Lots of crazy new features here. I hope it’s not too confusing.
    If you’re an existing user, you should only need to replace the exhibit10.php file to get this working. Be mindful to change the configuration settings in the new file to match your old ones.
    If you’re a new user, welcome and good luck! The instructions for installation, etc. are in the exhibit10.php file.
    Let me know how it goes…

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  • Nice plugin, Is there a way I can add selective image one-by-one instead of adding all images at one go (by Add Current Directory)? I have some 250+ photocard images on my test blog. Adding all of them (as provided) and then removing selected images one-by-one for each post is tedious. Don’t you think?

    Anonymous -> I think the idea is that you divide your pictures into folders within that directory. That’s how I’m using it anyway, and it works really well with that.

    casey and anonymous:
    That’s how I’m doing it also. In the past, in my old photo log, I had my images all like this:
    That’s not so great for this EXHIBIT method now, and I haven’t moved my old photo log yet … not sure what I’ll do with it, waiting for more gallery features with EXHIBIT.
    So what I do now is this schema in my “images” directory:
    So then in that folder I’ll put related images.
    I can have more than one folder per day that way, and keep them nice and neat, making sense. Besides that, I am using a digital for most of my day to day pictures, so I don’t fool around renaming them, I just dump them onto my harddrive into folders for their own day, then resize them with photoshop, make thumbs, and upload via SFTP, [nice interface, nicer than FTP!] really it’s a matter of dragging a folder from my harddrive over onto the SFTP display for my website.
    Good to go, create and save a new post, then add the pictures in.With EXHIBIT Choose the one directory specially and easily put together for that post and add them all at once to that post. If there’s one I don’t like afterall, it’s easily removed singlely.
    Now this way works swell compared to what I did with MT, manually doing everything … with a little good code in the templates to take some of the manual junk away, but I had to create a new post for every photo. And copy the photo data into two fields. And forget about having a place to see what they were, it was just plain see-nothing, hope you got it right-ness. Well, really double checking my folder to see how I had them there on my computer, a mirror image of what was on FTP without being logged onto that.
    OK, so this way, with EXHIBIT, you have a visual thumb of the images when you add them to the post, right in the editing interface. And there are no picture paths needing to be coded. 🙂

    whomever anonymous with smilie is: telling me to take some rest; hmm, that’s what I’m doing! 🙂 This is dream rest for me, working for fun on the ‘puter, with the house near 100 degrees and finally having a fan of my own to blow on me. Why move?
    Also I’m gungho on getting WP up to speed in taking over ALL my MT installations, so this one weblog is getting everything I can think of done to it, and these support forums are like home to me now. Better to be here than to be where I almost called home, (textpattern) :-O Not a bad thing txp, but WP is more fun and educational, which is the most fun of anything to me! I’m a junkie to learn new things.

    failing to see thumbnails. 🙁

    Casey: I think the idea is that you divide your pictures into folders within that directory.

    You have a valid point. Organizing the images is a great idea but unfortunately the WP default upload page only uploads images to a common shared folder (typically wp-content). Any way to workaround this issue (except ofcourse manually uploading images via FTP).

    ringmaster: I think that high on my list of things to do is add single images.

    I would be waiting for the feature to add single images! Thanks and good work again!

    Excellent job on the new code! I’d been trying to decide between using Exhibit and PictPress, and this new version just made the decision easy. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and now all I have to do is figure a way to have a pulldown menu with only subcategories from my “gallery” category.

    “You have a valid point. Organizing the images is a great idea but unfortunately the WP default upload page only uploads images to a common shared folder (typically wp-content). Any way to workaround this issue (except ofcourse manually uploading images via FTP).”
    I use FTP personally and just upload the directories where I want them. I have seen a WP-Filemanager plugin/hack (I’m not sure that’s the exact name). Perhaps this would work for those who don’t want to use FTP.
    I know ringmaster was planning to put in the feature to upload/use zip files. Here’s my interpetation/idea of how that would work. Exhibit would have its own upload feature. Uploads through this would get unzipped, a new folder would be created in the images directory, and the images would be put inside it. The new folder would be based upon a cleaned up name of the zip file (_ for spaces, etc). This seems as if it would suit your needs? I guess you could wait for ringmaster’s implementation of this if you don’t want to FTP/use the filemanager plugin.

    Ringmaster -> Is there any way to put the images in a user-defined order in the preview? (E.G. Non Alphabetical?)

    <div id=”exhibit_thumbs”>
    What if you changed that to:
    <div class=”exhibit_thumbs” id=”exhibit_thumbs”> and had it set to display inline instead of boxes. Would that fix the problem with the images dropping to another lines?
    Just a thought.

    Sorry, there’s currently no way to re-order the photos. This would require a change to the Exhibit table to accomplish. How do you all feel about this feature; is this significant for you?
    I haven’t tried it, but I don’t think setting exhibit_thumbs to display:inline would fix the gaps because it’s not that div that makes the gaps happen, it’s the float:left in the individual thumb divs. Give it a go and see if it makes a difference. I’ll be happy to hear if it does.

    Still getting the “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_action() in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/exhibit10.php
    when im trying to edit an post.
    Could it be that im running PHP as an CGI?
    Others plugins works just fine.

    I’m interested in being able to create thumbnails with imagemagick instead of GD. How hard would it be to do this?

    ImageMagick… There isn’t native support for ImageMagick in PHP like there is for GD. (The manual makes no mention of it.) You have to compile it in yourself to get it. Do many hosts offer ImageMagick pre-compiled into PHP? My old Linux host didn’t, but that’s less due to the host, more because I was collocating. 😉
    I’m certainly willing to consider it. My current server is Windows, which seems to be surprisingly easier to use ImageMagick in PHP, but not in a way that would work for Linux folks. Can anyone point to a library or some routines that I can glom? I wouldn’t mind having ImageMagick’s sharpen function available to spruce up my thumbnails.
    If you’re thinking to do it yourself, that’s fine, too. There really aren’t so many uses of GD in Exhibit that you couldn’t easily replace them all.

    First of all, thanks for the effort to produce this package. It has lots of great features, and works pretty much right out of the box. Nice!
    I think I’ll use this for my site production gallery.
    And I’ll pass along a couple of suggestions.
    Ordering the pictures. It seems like the easiest way to do this is by using the database to sort the results alphabetically based on the picture name. One then selects the order by selecting a name that will put them in the desired order.
    Some flexibility in displaying the captions would be very useful. Maybe this exists, but I couldn’t find it. For example, I would like abbreviated or no captions under thumbs to keep them from getting shifted out of alignment by the change in box size for lengthy captions. But underneath the enlarged picture, I’d like to make the caption as a long as I needed to provide some annotation. I glanced at the code, but didn’t see an easy way to do this. If someone knows of a good way to do this, I’d appreciate some ideas.
    Really great plug-in.

    Oh, hey… Here’s a solution at least for getting your caption to come up near your photo in full display:
    Find the $full_image_display variable in the configuration. This is what code Exhibit uses to display the full-sized image.
    Change the value to something like this:
    var $full_image_display = '<div id="ex_fullsizediv"> <img src="IMGSRC" alt="IMGCAPTION">IMGCAPTION</div>';
    Exhibit replaces “IMGCAPTION” with the caption of your image. If you also style your divs appropriately, you should be able to get the caption to appear wherever you like around it.
    Truncating the caption in the thumbnail section is a more complicated trick. Find the function exhibit_thumbnail_link. Near the bottom of that function, you’ll see a line:
    $ret .= '<br/>'.$image->caption;
    Change that to something like:
    $ret .= '<br/>'.substr($image->caption, 0, 30).'...';
    The 30 in there is the length of the truncated caption. Change to suit.

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