• A recent hotel website project required a form that could send data to a 3rd party booking system for my new hotel client. I knew that Fluent Forms was the right tool for the job, as it has excellent functionality out of the box.

    However, it soon became clear that the client needed custom code to make the form fields work together in a variety of ways, which I was unable to do in-house. So I asked Fluent Forms support if they knew a way of achieving this without JS code. They came back and suggested the best and potentially only way of achieving the form functionality was to use JS.

    To my surprise, as I know this is beyond the scope of their support, they kindly provided JS that would enable the custom functionality. In fact they revised the code a number of times when my client requested alterations.

    Features alone make this plugin a 5 star gem, but then the level of support and friendly guidance earns them more – if I could give them more.

    Don’t hold back and get the Pro version. It’s a form builder that will serve you well and their support are awesome.

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