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  • Please tell me how to get exclusions to work with your plug-in.

    I’ve tried the full name as given in the report:


    just the file:


    Yet every single time it just keep showing up on the report. This and my sitemap change ALL the time and I need to get these excluded.

    Also, when in Admin and your windows pops up to tell me something has changed and I need to clear it. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE PLUG IN PAGE. I have lost so much work on posts from your plug in pulling to the page just to tell me it did clear what I asked it to clear.

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  • +1 on this issue. Across several sites, the file and folder exclusion list fails to exclude the listed files and folders.

    +1 on this. could it be a syntax error in how we are listing the directories ?

    OK, just noticed a post lower down that has this example. Will test again as I didnt include the *


    If it helps anyone i looked at the code some time back and you can see that you can use wildcards (*) at the begin and end of your path…otherwise you should include the full path (so that means including your site folder) to the file you want to exclude.

    Baffling why the author didnt mention this but after looking at the php code i saw he was using a specific command that allows for either style.

    The easiest is to just do something like:


    Notice the use of “*” at the beginning and end. Doing it this way you dont need to include partial path.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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