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  • I have a question for you gurus and I’d greatly appreciate your response.. I have one post which is usually a child of at least two (or more) parent categories (i.e. post X belongs to affiliates>>amazon & affiliates>>radioshack & category>electronics).

    Is there any way I can only display the category filtering by parent? (i.e. display or skip parent “affiliates” based on its ID?

    I know how to filter by category and show only children of a set ID/parent <?php wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=name&sort_order=asc&optioncount=0&
    use_desc_for_title=0&child_of=77′); ?>

    but I’m trying to do the same within the loop at index.php so the bottom of the post only displays ONE child category and not multiples..

    not sure if I make sense here 🙂

    thanks in advance
    thanks for your help!!!

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  • just a friendly reminder/bump up of the post as I’ve not seen any response yet…surely somebody knows how to do thi? 🙂

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