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  • I would like to use get_links_list to show all but one category of links. Is this possible? Can I specify all the category IDs save that one, separated by commas or spaces? Other options? Thank you!

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    <?php list_cats(optionall, ‘all’, ‘sort_column’, ‘sort_order’, ‘file’, list, optiondates, optioncount, hide_empty, use_desc_for_title, children, child_of, ‘categories’, recurse, ‘feed’, ‘feed_img’, ‘exclude’, hierarchical); ?>

    Untested, but you could probably add “AND link_catgegory != “category_name_to_omit” in the query on (about) line 551 of links.php

    Gregor: is that for listing categories of posts? or listing categories of links? or both? The article seems like it is for posts, but I will give it a shot… Rossz, if the above doesn’t work, i might have to give that a shot. Certainly, tho, someone has wanted to exclude a category before…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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