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  • This is great for our public posts. But we also have a membership site on the same wordpress install and I would like to stop this plugin creating a dozen extra images for every post in the non-public part of the site as the non-public part is a lot larger than the public part. Is there a way to do that please?
    If not, I may have to uninstall it I think, which would be a shame. If I do uninstall will Yoast still be ok or are there any uninstalling issues to b aware of? Thanks.

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    (I didn’t answer with the right account, sorry – Philippe)

    Hi Philippe,

    Many thanks for your reply. OK it is good to know that it is not normal behaviour, thanks! Especially as I like the plugin.
    I will think through the things you mention. I can’t do anything this week but will be upgrading to WP5 next week, (I had to put it off for a while) so will wait till after that in case it fixes it. I don’t use a CDN, but our host does promote caching to make WP faster. I’ll email you once I’ve epxlored and experimented with when it happens, if I’m still having problems. Thanks.

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    Sure, please let me know if the migration to WP5 helps. Please note: after your upgrade, it is unlikely the extra images will disappear (as this is an unexpected behavior, the plugin has no feature to, say, remove duplicates). But what we can expect is to have a single image for the posts created afterward.

    Once the issue is understood, I expect to update the plugin to actually remove the duplicated created by its previous, faulty versions.

    FYI and reference, the same issue has been reported by another user:


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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